Christmas Gifts Toys Your Preteen Wont Admit She Wants

Christmas Gifts Toys Your Preteen Wont Admit She Wants

Preteen girls, between the ages of 10 and 12, often are secretive and easily embarrassed in front of their friends. Buying them childish gifts will devastate them if their friends ever find out, or so they think. The best thing to do to get your child to remember that she is a child and still get her the gifts she desires without causing a lot of dramatic denial is to be secretive yourself. Disguise those childish gifts with the idea that they are actually more mature.

Your preteen actually wants to stay a child; she just doesn’t know how to express it. The following is a short list of different items that your preteen really wants for Christmas presents but won’t tell you.

Anything Barbie

Mattel has come a long way since Barbie first appeared in 1959 and she has matured along with the little girls of the world. Barbie has long been a secret passion of little girls and a hidden treasure they do not want their friends to know about. Many girls fear that playing with a Barbie doll makes her appear childish, when in actual fact, she is still a child.

Getting your preteen these following Barbie related items would help her to maintain her mature status while still being a child.

  • BarbieGirls VIP access
  • Barbie Doll’d Up Nails digital nail printer
  • Barbie Video Girl Doll

Get her a Barbie doll and a small toy sewing machine. Together you can make Barbie sized clothing and enjoy each other’s company.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have always been a childhood staple, but once girls hits junior school, they do not want anything to do with their stuff animals – at least not when someone is looking. Getting your child a stuffed animal might make her blush but if you tell her it’s a collectible and very valuable, she will no longer be embarrassed in front of their friends.

Webkinz are still very popular gift. These are stuffed animals of all forms that the child registers online. There are many reasons children like Webkinz and competition is often the most important of these reasons. They’re like collecting cards; the more you have the higher your standing in the group.

American Girl Dolls

Another collectible that preteen girls like but do not want to admit to are the American Girl dolls. Every girl wants a doll that is named after her. If American Girl does not have one with your daughter’s name, most likely you can find one that looks just like her. Check out the American Girl Doll site and find the one you want.


Along with those CDs from the latest popular singer, i.e. Miley or Katy, get her a microphone. All little girls want to be a pop star. All little girls use their hairbrush as a pretend microphone to sing into when no one is looking. Get her a recording microphone and encourage that dream. There are multiple types of microphones you can purchase your child. If you can get her one that connects to the computer, such as the ICarly Megabyte Mic Microphone, she can make her own songs and share them with her friends online.

Remember when you were a preteen and what you wanted the most. Children today are more advanced than we were but that doesn’t mean they want to be. Getting your preteen the best Christmas present that she wants and keeps her young and cool is easy, just follow these clues.