I’m a bit of a cider fan (a bit?!) – well no, to be honest , I’m a pear cider fan and not normally keen on the apple variety. Having read a review on dooyoo (another review site) about this ‘winter cider’ I was intrigued and thought it sounded quite nice.

Whilst shopping in Morrison’s recently I was walking past the beer/bitter/isle (yes you heard right WALKING PAST!) when positioned right at the end on a display all of it’s own was this cider.

I remembered how different it sounded from the review I’d read so decided to buy a bottle..okay I bought 4.

Price and packaging~
The cider comes in a glass bottle which is dark chocolate brown in colour and is quite stubby in size with a thick neck.

On the front is the rather festive looking label which says ‘Rekorderlig’ and has a a picture of apples on a branch, vanilla pods and cinnamon which coincidentally is the key flavourings in this winter offering.

I bought this for £1.50 which for a 50cl bottle I considered to be very good value..or did I? Baring at this stage I hadn’t actually tried it and was only going on the word of a fellow dooyooer..

The taste test~
On opening the lid with my trusty carlsberg keyring bottle opener I was aware of the apple straight away. Not being an apple cider fan I wondered if I’d made a mistake? Especially as I’d bought 4 bottles of the stuff! Method behind my madness being if this was really nice and I only had one bottle I would bitterly disappointed – plus the fact this is a limited edition – who knows when I would get to sample it again?

Luckily for me the apple didn’t put me off as the vanilla and cinnamon infused together to create a lovely warm tinged drink. It says on the bottle that you can drink it hot or cold but having tried it hot I wasn’t personally keen. The reason? It intensified the apple and made the drink far too tangy and took the sweetness away.

My thoughts~
I thoroughly enjoyed this (and the other 3 bottles) as it was so different. It tasted of cider yet at the same time didn’t.

Not keen on it hot but that’s not to say others won’t enjoy it served this way. At 4.0 volume it’s certainly alcoholic so drink sensibly – and if you do; enjoy!

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