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City Breaks From The Uk

City Breaks From The Uk

Those planning a city break, setting off from the United Kingdom, need to look past the usual favourites of Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin in order to have a cost effective, exciting and cultural experience. The huge rise in low cost air lines flying out to unpronounceable destinations in the past few years has served to put some of Europe’s lesser known but highly inviting cities on the map.

Always over looked in favour of village-like Bruges, Belgium’s capital city of Brussels is like Paris without the pomp and circumstance. Proud buildings stand on either side of tree lined boulevards which lead on to hoards of private galleries, open studios and outdoor art work. Brussels is easily reached by Eurostar and offers a cool priced alternative to the capital of France.

Eastern European cities are up and coming at a phenomenal rate, but while Prague and Krakow have been quickly over run by over sexed stag parties, the fascinating city of Budapest has retained a far off feel with thousands less tourists. The nightlife in Budapest is found behind rows of iron doors which lead off into the hippest and most relaxed drinking yards in Europe.

For cultural immersion, off beat customs and unbeatable prices, look no further than the Scottish city of Glasgow. Glasgow is the perfect destinations for those looking for a city break leaving from the UK with less time to spare but who still want to enjoy multicultural life and try a few foods not usually found on the British menu. If you don’t listen to carefully, visitors to Glasgow can even be fooled into thinking their city break is in an altogether foreign country.

With Ryanair’s short flights o Ireland and next year’s proposed £4 standing flight coming into action, Belfast should become more popular with visitors, owing to the beauty of the city and the welcoming spirit of the people, overprices Dublin just does not cut the mustard when compared with what Belfast can offer.

Now a personal favourite which means maybe a slightly linger flight, but for less than a euro a pint, who can complain? Belgrade in Serbia deserves to see UK city break visitors in the thousands piling in for a city with such a strong fighting spirit and an all round willingness to welcome anyone who crosses her path and showcase its unrivalled way of having a top night.