Classic Jewelry Tiffany Key Pendant Necklace

Classic Jewelry  Tiffany Key Pendant Necklace

Keys make marvelous ornaments, timeless and well suited to every wearer. The legendary mystique, iconography, and symbolism of keys add to the charm and desirability of each jewelry piece. Although symbolic keys have been depicted and worn as jewelry and personal ornaments since ancient times, introduction of the Tiffany & Co. Keys Collection in 2009 re-energized popularity of iconic key pendants and charms.

Tiffany Keys Collection

The Tiffany Keys Collection is inspired by real keys from the Tiffany company archives. Tiffany reports that at one time the original, archived, inspirational keys unlocked vintage jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries, steamer trunks, as well as entrances to private clubs and country manors. In addition, Tiffany’s Keys Collection is influenced by important Tiffany key-shaped jewelry and artifacts, including brooches, charms and gifts to royalty and heads-of-state.

The pendant and charm collection includes “medallion-shaped keys that promise access to wondrous places; romantic heart-shaped keys that might keep love letters private; poetic flower-topped keys that are graceful and feminine; and luxurious keys set with sparkling diamonds,” according to Tiffany & Co.’s February, 2009, news release announcing the new jewelry line.

Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum and More

Tiffany offers key pendants in sterling silver, platinum, 14K and 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Also, there are keys in more unusual and exotic materials including enamel, jade, titanium, and bone china. Pendant sizes range from the “mini” 1-inch height to the impressively scaled 2.5-inch height. Pendants may be purchased alone or with a link, oval link or beaded chain, as well as a black twist cord.

Key Pendant Designs for Everyone

Since its inception, the Keys Collection continues to grow. Today, there is a budget-appropriate, key pendant to perfectly fit anyone’s desires. For example, for just over $100, one might enjoy the fresh, clean look of a “mini” 1-inch sterling silver oval key on a beaded chain. This classic piece is a perfect compliment to daily-wear and sports outfits, as well as chic evening wear. The small, sterling pendant is equally suitable for a child, teen, or adult wearer and may be hung from a long or short necklace or dangled from a bracelet.

Tiffany offers diamond and gemstone studded key pendants as well. At the top end of the spectrum, an exquisitely crafted 2.5-inch platinum and diamond kaleidoscope-style key pendant with a 24″ platinum and diamond chain is offered for $15,000. Such a pendant makes a stunning statement piece that is certain to be a cherished heirloom. A kaleidoscope key pendant with a center yellow diamond with white diamonds is offered for a little more than $8,000.

Surprise Watch and Locket Key Pendants

Yet, if simple sterling silver and lavish diamonds and platinum are not on your list, there is a myriad of other enchanting and magical key designs from which to choose. Each one is bound to be a conversation piece. There are keys to be cherished by a teen – maybe for graduation or sweet sixteen gift – and keys to delight women with the most sophisticated tastes – perhaps a “power” key celebrating a promotion or new job, or a sentimental “key to one’s heart” as a surprise wedding gift.

Beautiful Tiffany key pendants – whether simple or ornate, organic or geometric, small or large – may be had in scrumptious, timeless designs, including: kaleidoscope; checkerboard; fleur-de-lis; crown; blossom; trefoil; heart; quatra heart; twist heart; petals; oval; vintage oval; octagon; clover; and frame. In addition, there are wonderful, unique “working” key pendants featuring little surprises in the key heads like Tiffany timepieces and hinged, heart-shaped lockets.

Collect Key Pendants

If you seek one or a dozen, for yourself, a loved one or friend, Tiffany offers a broad and extensive collection for a key pendant collector. Best of all, any of the Key Collection pendants may be gathered with others and dangled together on a chain or rope. Perhaps, one pendant may be worn for each child or grandchild? New home? Romantic interest? College degree? Pendants may be collected slowly over time, or all at once. Regardless, whatever style or however many, there is a classic, timeless, elegant Tiffany key… or two, that is sure to access a special desire.

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