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Cookout Product Buyers Guide

Cookout Product Buyers Guide

The start of the grilling season and you have noticed that your equipment is just not up to par. With so many choices available it may be hard to find the things you need without having to break the bank. For the sake of simplicity, I have included links to pictures of what these utensils are and what they are used for.

Barbecue Cooking Utensil Sets- For those who have no idea of what the essential utensils needed for barbecue will find pre-arranged sets well worth the price. Many of the sets are made with aluminum or stainless steel with plastic or wooden handles. Sets can come with as little as 4 pieces to more than 30 pieces. Generally sets this large include almost anything you can think of to get your cookout off to a great start. Not only to they include the basics but some even have eating utensils as well. No more forgetting to pack the plastic-ware.

When choosing a grill untensil set made up of metal be sure to pack a nonstick cooking or grilling spray to keep food from sticking. This particular set contains 22 pieces for grill master in you. 

-Grill Brush-grill brushes are used to clean the grill before and after use.

-Tongs-tongs can be used to turn meat over without piercing the skin

-Spatual-spatulas are great for flipping burgers or bread you have on the grill

-Corn Cob Holders-with corn cob holders, there are no more worries about burning your fingers and dropping your food

-Fork-grill forks are used to turn meat on the grill

-Basking Brush-these brushes are used to apply different types of sauces to food on the grill

-Skewers-these come iin several materials with the most popular options being wood or stainless steel

Of course you can not have a barbecue without the all important grill. There are three main types, each with their own set of benefits and difficulties. No matter which type you choose always be sure to learn about your new grill and the cost associated with it. This is important as many cost do not reveal themselves until it is time to set up or inspect grill for use.

Gas Grills- gas grills come in a variety of sizes; some with or without burners. The most common fuels needed for a gas grill are propane and natural gas. Talk with the sales team to understand how to use a gas grill and where to purchase the fuel needed.

-Propane-requires a filling station. There may be a place in your neighborhood that will do this for you. You can also ask the people who sold you the grill if they offer refills or if they can recommend a place.

-Natural Gas-this requires that you have to put your grill in a set location and run a gas line to it.The benefit is that you do not have take your tank to a refill station as the gas line will keep the grill readily supplied with fuel. The con-you have to have a natural gas line to be able to operate it.

Charcoal Grill- these grills come in the traditional charcoal grill and smokers. Charcoal grills not only use the traditional charcoal, but can also accommodate wood chips as well. Check with the sales team and manufactures about whether your chosen grill can be used with wood chips and if they recommend a particular type.

-Charcoal-Kingsford and Matchlight are two of the most popular types of charcoal brands to use. The only difference is Matchlight is pretreated with a kerosene like fluid that allows you to light the charcoal without adding additional lighter fluid.

Pressed briquettes with smoking wood- this type of charcoal is made mostly with hickory or mesquite wood chips that give a nice smoky wood flavor to food

Electric Grills-these grills come in a variety of sizes. Indoor electric grills can be transported, although not always easily. Even outdoors grills can be transported from place to place. However, if you are a fan of tailgate parties at the stadium this is not the option for you.

For those of us who enjoy indulging in the occasional grill master competition there is one essential you can not do without; a grill thermometer. This handy dandy little item will tell you the temperature of different parts of your grill. A meat thermometer is also essential as it will help determine if the meat is cooked well enough.

Last but certainly not least is your favorite “Kiss the Cook” apron. With that you can grill up all your favorites and look good while doing it.

You do not need to have the most up to date equipment to pull of a fabulous barbecue. Many grill masters will stress the importance of knowing what to do with the basic utensils before trying to get fancy. Once you have a good grasp of those do not be afraid to add syringes for injecting flavor into foods or three in one grilling utensils.

Just do not forget to have fun. After all that is what a great cookout is all about.