Dogs are Social Animals

Dogs are Social Animals

Dogs today are not just a member of the family, but have become another tool used for social networking. Dogs used to have the job of protecting the house, hunting and keeping the kids entertained. Those days are long gone. Gone are the days of when dogs live outside in a dog house or eat scraps from the table. Dogs are pampered, and loved like children. A dog’s life is as comfortable as his owner’s.

Owning a dog nowadays is like a raising a child. It is common for dogs to go to school, have a sitter, have medical insurance, and attend doggie day care. No more teaching your dog to sit, roll over, and fetch without him or her receiving a diploma.

A lot of dog owners work long hours and have to leave their dog home for many hours. Owners used to get up early and walk their dog before going to work and leave food and water out for them and walk them again when they returned home. Lots of owners today live in condos and cannot keep their dogs cooped up in the house all day without them having a mishap in the condo, therefore, they hire a dog walker to come in and take the dog for a walk while they work. Some owners have resorted to putting their dogs in Doggie Day Care to alleviate the problem. It is even common to see dogs at the owner’s workplace.

The 1950s version of how we observed a dog running in the yard with soap on him being chased by water hose to get rinsed off doesn’t have a place in our society any longer. Dog owners require their dogs be professionally groomed. The dogs get fancy haircuts and are adorned with bows, ribbons, scarves and fancy collars. Dogs also must have clothing for fashion and necessity. You will be considered a negligent pet owner if your pooch is not properly attired in a rain gear on rainy days and a sweater or parka on cold days.

Dog owners of older dogs purchase insurance policies. A sick dog needs an insurance policy to cover expensive medical costs because the thought of putting their friend to sleep too soon is just too painful, but the cost of an operation to keep him alive can put the owner in the poor house. When the day does come and the dog has to be put to sleep the owner has to have a proper burial. The Pet Cemetery is not just a Stephen King novel, but a place for dog owners who need to properly inter their pet and be able to visit and lay flowers on their pet’s grave occasionally.

Urban dwellers with no yards have to live close to a dog park so the dogs can socialize with other dogs and the owners can meet like minded people. Urban dwellers especially use their dogs to meet their neighbors. Dogs are part of the community. Their dog plays with other dog and make friends too. While the dogs play together, the owners talk and get to know one another.

Why and when did attitudes change toward dogs? Dogs are man’s best friends and that has always been the claim, but it was believed that dogs have limited usefulness. It has recently been discovered that dogs are great instruments that can be used for getting out to meet people and force the owner to walk or run daily. The dog and the owner both end up living a healthier lifestyle. The owner and the dog look better, eat better and hopefully live longer.

Dogs today are used as part of our social networking fiber. Your dog is an extension of you, and he must be socialized to interact with people as well as with other dogs.

Before becoming a dog owner you need to consider if you can properly take care of him. Make sure that:

  • The dog eats properly,
  • Gets plenty of exercise,
  • Sees the vet yearly,
  • and is well behaved.

Owning a dog will help you meet many new people and your dog will let you know what unconditional love feels like.