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Drink Recipes Harvey Wallbanger

Drink Recipes Harvey Wallbanger

The Harvey Wallbanger was first concocted in the 1950s by Donato “Duke” Antone. It was a variation on the well known Screwdriver and is made by taking:

3 parts vodka
1 part Galliano
6 parts orange juice

Take a highball glass and add ice, then pour vodka and orange juice into it mix them together and then float the Galliano on the top.

How the cocktail got its name is a matter of debate. On one side people say that a guy named Harvey existed. He was a surfer who used to patronize the Duke’s Blackwatch Bar, one night after losing an important surfing contest he consoled himself with Duke’s special Screwdrivers and (after a few to many) upon leaving found he kept bumping into walls and furniture. Harvey was given the nickname of Harvey Wallbanger and the drink was also christened.

The other story isn’t as colourful, but instead relates to the Galliano bottle. Because of the shape of the Galliano bottle most bar staff would keep it at the back of the shelf against the wall and when they popped it back it would wobble and bang the wall. The only thing with this story is there’s no mention of the Harvey part, so I’m going to believe in the surfer Harvey’s story.

The Duke was also famous for creating the Godfather and the Rusty Nail and took home the coveted World Champion Mixologist award twice. also have a recipe for a Harvey Wallbanger Cake, so for a birthday cake to go with the birthday cocktail or two here’s the recipe:

1 box yellow cake mix
1 small box vanilla instant pudding
cup oil
4 eggs
cup vodka
cup Galliano
cup orange juice

Mix all of the ingredients and beat for 4 minutes, then pour the batter into a greased and floured cake tin and bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes. To serve dust with powdered sugar.

However you like your Harvey Wallbangers, in drink or food form, go easy because walls are hard!

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