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Drink Recipes Rose Kennedy Cocktail

Drink Recipes Rose Kennedy Cocktail

The Rose Kennedy cocktail is a great light alternative to a vodka tonic or cape cod. Named for the mother of John F. Kennedy, this cocktail is alternately called the VSS (Vodka, Soda, Splash). It was originally popular in the north eastern United States, in areas like Massachusetts. Because of this drink’s awesome low-sugar, low-calorie ingredients, it’s regained popularity nationally in recent years.

You need:

1 part vodka
1 part soda
1 splash of Cranberry juice.
1 lemon wedge

Pour your vodka, soda, and your splash of cranberry into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish your beverage with a twist of lemon for subtle flavor, or a lemon wedge for a little more citrus deliciousness.

For my own beverage enjoyment, I recommend Stoli or Absolut as good vodkas to mix with fruit juices, they are average price, average quality. Using a truly fine vodka mixed with fruit juice is often unnecessary, since the cranberry juice is slightly sweet, it will counter the slightly bitter taste of the vodka, and citric acid is also great for taking a little of the alcohol burn from your beverage. Not to mention, a hint of citrus is delicious and refreshing.

This is also a great drink for dieters and anyone watching their sugar and calorie intake. While fresh cranberry juice does have it’s share of natural sugars, soda has no calories and no sugar. That makes it a great replacement for the tonic in so many drinks, without switching to lemon lime soda, which tends to overpower some of the other flavors you want to experience in your drink.

Next time you’re looking for a new bubbly summery drink that’s not too girly sweet, and won’t overload you on calories like a beer, try the Rose Kennedy Cocktail, it could be the perfect thing.

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