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Durban South Africa Travel Destinations

Durban South Africa Travel Destinations

As the third largest city in South Africa and the country’s busiest port, Durban is also the center of tourism for the country. This region of South Africa enjoys a warm sub-tropical climate. Summers are warm, but wet and winters are relatively mild with little or no frost. Durban has become one of the major resort destinations because of its expansive beaches in addition to the numerous cultural experiences available for visitors at any time of the year. It appeals to those seeking the sun, surfers and whale-watchers – all of which are part of a vacation in this city.

The Durban International Airport is located about 11 miles outside the city and receives daily flights from international airports all over the world. Weekly trains connect the city with both Johannesburg and Cape Town and two main highways connect Durban to other major centers if you wish to drive to this location from another South African city or town. The major roads and highways of South Africa are in excellent condition. Within Durban, you won’t have any difficulty getting around with the network of local buses, trains and taxis. You can also rent a car or a bicycle if you prefer to find your own way around to all the attractions.

The main attraction for visitors to Durban is the Golden Mile Beach. Since this beach is lined with hotels and resorts, there is a very good chance that you will be only steps away from the sand and the ocean. Take a ride in a rickshaw along the beachfront with one of the Zulu rickshaw drivers dressed in colourful costumes. The beach is also in close proximity to Seaworld Aquarium. This large complex houses an extensive collection of marine life from both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is the location of the largest dolphinarium in Africa.

The Indian Quarter is also close to the beach area and is an interesting place to visit. The Jumah Mosque is the largest building of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the spice market will give you a brief glimpse into not only the many spices of the area but into the daily life of the city as well.

If you want to visit museums on your trip to Durban, Victoria Embankment is the district where most of The Museums are located. One of the must sees is Kwa Muhle Museum, which chronicles the dark days of the Apartheid and provides visitors with fascinating information about the life of the ordinary people who lived during these times. See exotic birds from all over the world when you visit the Umgeni Bird River Park where there is a daily free flight in an area built purposely for this event.

Dine on traditional food or international fare in the restaurants of Durban and stroll through markets of modern shopping malls. You have the best of both worlds when you Visit Durban in the ethnic variety of the city offering you a chance to experience the past along with the present.