Essential iPhone Apps for Musicians

Essential iPhone Apps for Musicians

Apple’s iTunes app store is full of revolutionary software and technology to help people from numerous backgrounds and occupations, and musicians are no exception. An iPhone or iPod Touch can take the place of numerous other tools musicians use regularly, or even provide new opportunities to experience music. Here are some of the top music apps for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner mobile app

Whether you’re in an orchestra or a rock band, every musician will need a good tuner at some point. Cleartune Chromatic Tuner by Matthew Finn has more features than any other tuner on the market. The app works as both a standard tuner and pitch pipe with incredibly accurate tuning sensitivity. As with most high quality tuners on the market, it allows the user to calibrate the tuning standard in .1 Hz increments and select the tuning note automatically or manually.

But the real impressive elements are the other customizations that a user can program into the app. Notation types and instrument transpositions can be selected and altered based on the needs of the user. A musician can even change the temperament settings, just in case you want to get the real feel of baroque music. Few top of the line tuners include these features let alone ones for $3.99 that can fit in your pocket.

There are only a few downsides to this particular app. It would have been extremely helpful to have guitar and bass settings to automatically change notation and isolate specific strings. And as is necessary for most tuning apps, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touches require an external microphone. The app is not compatible with the first generation iPod Touch. Even with these issues, the app is an excellent solution for al musicians with tuning needs.

GuitarToolkit mobile app

There are many apps for guitarists to make their lives easier by allowing them to keep a number of musical tools in their phones and iPods. The strength of Guitartoolkit by Agile Partners Technologies, LLC is that it brings all these tools together in one simple, easy to use app. Complete with guitar tuner, metronome, and one of the largest chord libraries available, the app works for all types of guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles with both standard and alternate tunings.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this app is the ability not only to look up specific chords, but also to input fretboard fingerings and have the app identify the chord that way. The latest update also allows the metronome to play in the background while another app is running to provide an excellent practice environment. Again the downside for iPod users is that the tuner only works with 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touches with a microphone, but even without the tuner, the app is still worth the $9.99 price tag.

SoundHound music recognition app

On occasion a developer will release an app that seems like it was taken straight out of the world of science fiction. SoundHound by Melodis Corp is just one of those apps. SoundHound allows a user to play a piece of music into a built in or external microphone and the software will identify the piece from its massive online library simply from the sound. What differentiates it from other song recognition apps is that it allows a user to sing or hum a melody to identify it. Finally people can put a name to the song stuck in their head!

Other features also make this app an incredibly useful tool. Song information includes lyrics along with the name, artist and album. The app also includes integration with social networking sites like facebook and twitter and media sites like YouTube. And with one click the user can buy a recently identified song through itunes or find a band discography and tour dates. Now a musician or music lover can identify the songs they hear wherever they go for just $4.99.

LaDiDa reverse karaoke app

LaDiDa isn’t an essential musical tool or a necessary information database. It’s just really cool. Consider it as a reverse karaoke app. The user sings or raps into the internal or external mic and LaDiDa analyzes the output and turns it into a great sounding song. Whereas most pitch correction software can turn mediocre singing into great singing, this app doesn’t require the user to have any vocal talent at all. The app does all the work. For $2.99 LaDiDa can make anyone sound like a pop or rap star.

Mobile software from the app store can simplify the lives of musicians

App developers have made incredible technological advances in a number of different arenas and the world of music is no exception. The tools, instruments, and databases available on the iPhone are beginning to revolutionize how people make, manipulate and experience music. They can make the lives of musicians much simpler and more efficient, as well as offer interesting and fun new ways to express their creativity.

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