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Euroavictoria Australia

Euroavictoria Australia

Euroa in Victoria, Australia, the southern continent, is a quaint little town most reminiscent of something say out of the wild west in America. Many of the original shops are still standing, built over a hundred years ago and with their wide bevilled verandahs of curved corrugated iron shelter as well as the wide footpaths, offer easy wallking for the visitor. There are old saddle shops, for this area is part of Victoria’s horse breeding region and there are many horse studs round here. Euroa has a large supermarket and butcher’s shop, plus post office and a bakery, as well as gift shops for the tourist.

To get to Euroa from Melbourne, hire a car and follow the Hume Highway north-east for one hundred and thirty kilometres, until you see the green sign telling of the turn off. As you enter the town you will see many European trees lining the road, a reminder of Australia’s colonisation by the British. There is an event from this era in Australian history which has put Euroa on the map forever and that is the robbing of the Euroa Bank back in the eighteen hundreds by our most famous anti – British bushranger, the Irishman Ned Kelly. He held fifty people at bay and made off with two and a half thousand pounds, a fortune in those days. Every December the Kelly raid is re-enacted in costume.

This man frequented this area and in fact lived not far from here. He was not afraid to address the British injustices against the poorer settlers round here. In fact he gave his life to see a better deal for the poor and died by hanging after a gun battle with police, in which he killed three. But he is a kind of folk hero here, as there is not much pro British sentiment in this country, as all over the world as well, their colonisation methiods were cruel and selfish.

Euroa sits below the back drop of the Strathbogie Ranges, which gives a picturesque view to the visitor.The mountain ranges, plus the heat that can come in summer, provide perfect conditions for parachuting and gliding, which the visitor can try by contacting the Euroa Soaring Centre in the town. With a population of four thousand and three motels and a camping ground, you will find your stay here well worthwhile.There is a pleasant park under shady trees by a creek to picnic at on a nice spring day.