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Expensive Theme Parks

Expensive Theme Parks

Everybody always wants the biggest and the best and that means money. But is the most expensive always worth the price you pay? Well sometimes it can be, but that’s not always the case. Here are a few of the priciest theme parks available in the United States and my short, personal opinion on whether or not the price is worth it.


The happiest place on earth can bring a few frowns as one gets over the initial shock of the rather expensive price just to get into the park. An incredible 82$ for all individuals 9 and up will make anyone reconsider their vacation choice. In the end though, it’s worth every penny, so long as you still have children young enough to get caught up in the rapture of the Disney dream, and are willing to be a little thrifty while your up there as well. It isn’t just the admission fee that makes this park expensive, but just about everything in it. From the restaurants to the souvenirs anything and everything in this park seems to be designed to open up your wallet, but if you’re willing to hold back on the gifts and eat out of park, Disneyland may still be the park for you.

Universal Studios-

Universal Studios is one of the most high tech and thrilling amusements parks currently available to the U.S. The whole idea is to give you a unique, Hollywood like experience, to capture your imagination and inspire your creativity, and also, to make money. Its price is 72.99$ unless of course you are one of the lucky few who rides in under 48” lowering the price down to 62.99$. Not as family friendly as Disneyland, it is still a viable option to any family or individual, particularly if your party consists of more of the teen/ young adult age. Still many deals become available through their website and other means that can make this an even more appealing offer for you.

Busch Gardens-

The owner of Seaworld and two theme parks under their own name located in Tampa Bay, Florida as well as Williamsburg, Virginia has been a well-known maker of theme parks for quite some time now, with a reputation of making them a fun and memorable experience. The price of Tampa Bay Busch Gardens is 74.95$ for adults and 64.95$ for children (ages 3-9). If you want to save some money the price is only 61.95$ for adults and 51.95$ for children at the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg without to significant of a difference. If you are looking to save yourself some money, Williamsburg is the way to go.

Six Flags Magic Mountain-

The cheapest of the parks on this list is the infamous Six Flags. The price is 59.99$ or 34.99$ for those under 48”. Though it isn’t as expensive as the others this still is defiantly my personal favorite out of all of the parks. Full of thrills and excitement Six Flags is my personal favorite here on the list with the best rides, best quality, and best band for your buck. Taking a trip to Six Flags is worth every penny you spend to get there and I would recommend this park to just about anyone.


Legoland is a fun environment for one to enjoy with attractions unique to this park. More than anything, this park has a real ‘theme’. The only downside is that it is less exciting than the other parks on the list, but really, how enthralling can you make a ride that’s made out of legos? Nevertheless, it is 67$ for adults and 57$ for children and seniors and can be a great experience for anyone who has a passion for legos, or indeed anyone at all.