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Family Getaway Ideas

Family Getaway Ideas

When the whole family is gearing up for a winter vacation, the best destinations are those that can accommodate all of the wishes of each family member, and, preferably, at a reasonable cost.  When that is not viable, then compromises have to be made.  If the entire family are skiers, then visiting a ski resort would make sense, as they are not viable destinations for summer vacations.

However, when considering family getaway ideas for winter vacations, the overall picture should dictate the end results;  if four of five people insist upon going to a major ski resort, and the other wants to go swimming at a beach, the compromise could be a destination like Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.  Vancouver and it’s many beaches is a short drive away, and swimming in February is common.

The thing about going on a family vacation is that when the kids are younger, it is a whole lot easier to plan winter vacations.  As the kids grow up, they develop friendships and fall into their own favorite sports, and their choices of what makes for a perfect winter vacation can change.  Yearly.  Monthly.  Daily.  Yes, kids can, at times, be hard to please, but when taking them to major ski resorts, there is usually something there for all outdoors enthusiasts’ desires.

Of course, one of the more popular destinations for family getaways in the winter months are the tropics.  When the blistery cold winds of Chicago, Philadelphia or New York are biting at people’s souls, sometimes a week in the sun and surf is just what the doctor ordered.  Actually, that same doctor may just be playing a quick nine holes at the golf course near the all-inclusive tropical resort vacation that the family decides upon for their winter getaway.

For families on limited budgets, southern Mexico has many charms and vast beaches that call to all sun-seekers to it‘s many warm salt water swimming locations, many with colorful fish and coral reefs.  Cuba may be on the no-fly list for most Americans, but Canadians and others find that Cuba offers a taste of the tropics for a fraction of the cost of most other similar popular winter destinations.

Belize, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo and many other fascinating, old-world cities with tropic-like weather and amazing beaches await those that have the financial wherewithal to pull it off.  The hotel fee alone for one room could cover the cost of a family renting a cabin at an all-inclusive resort in southern Mexico, but the memories, and the shopping would be well worth the cost for those who can afford it.

However, the average North American family does not have $20,000 to spend on a winter vacation, so most in these categories will decide upon either ski resorts in the north, like British Columbia’s or Washington State’s ski resorts, or to cheaper beach destinations in the south, like along the revitalized Gulf of Mexico’s shores.