Father’s Day Photo Collage

Father's Day Photo Collage

The Father’s Day photo collage allows children of all ages to create a unique present for an important person. This activity will require a camera (preferably digital) and the help of an adult.

Where to Start: Father’s Day Photo Planning Steps

  • Make sure that dad is not home. This is a surprise gift for his special day, so try to find approximately an hour of time when he will not be around to see.
  • Get the camera ready. Once dad is out of the house, it is important that the photo collage project begin right away. Try to make sure that the camera battery is new or charged beforehand.
  • Choose clothing wisely. Avoid loud, character, or busy choices. Simple is better for these photos. Explain the project to your child (or children).

Props for the Father’s Day Photos

Add a special touch to the photos, and create simple Father’s Day themed signs. These may include words or short sentences such as, “I love dad”, “Dad is #1”, “Happy Father’s Day”, or “World’s greatest dad”. Another fun way to add in Father’s Day sayings is to create a special worded T-shirt that the child can wear. Fabric paints or t-shirt kits can be found at most craft stores. Other special props may be objects of importance to dad. Ask your child to search the house for props that might be significant. For example, if your child and his father like to play baseball together choose a ball and bat.

Taking the Father’s Day Photos

Start with a well lit place. This may be indoors or outdoors. Arrange props so that they will be visible in the photos. You will want to take several different photos from multiple angles. Take some close ups, and some full length shots. If you have several children, take both individual and group photos.

Families with older children may want to ask the child to play photographer at some points. Allow your grade school aged child (or older) to take pictures of his or her siblings to add into the mix.

Printing the Father’s Day Photos

Print many different sizes of photos. The actual amount and sizes will vary depending on how large you would like the whole collage to be. For a smaller project, try printing wallet sized photos.

Creating the Father’s Day Photo Collage

Ask your child (or children) to help you arrange the photos on a cardboard backing. Set up an interesting design in which the pictures are angled and overlap slightly. Try to avoid lining up photos next to each other. Once the design is set, firmly glue the photos onto the cardboard.

As an added (optional) touch, try adding small hand written notes or artwork that your child has made.

Framing the Father’s Day Photo Collage

There are many framing options available for this project. Choose a store bought frame for a finished look. For a more craft oriented approach, ask your child to paint an unfinished wood frame. A third option is to leave the collage as it is on the cardboard.

The Father’s Day photo collage is a memorable gift for any dad. This project encourages family bonding as you work with your child to create a handmade present.