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Food Safety Tips For Summer Picnics

Food Safety Tips For Summer Picnics

Summer picnics are a great thing to do with your family. The food at these picnics is usually great, as well. Do you practice safety tips for your foods at your summer picnics? You should! Nobody wants a party crasher, like your drunk uncle. The fact remains there is always a possibility of an unwanted guest. Food borne bacteria, is the unwanted guest. Food borne bacteria is something we can’t see or taste, however, we will know if it was present in a few hours, or in the next 24 hours as we are feeling sick.

Statistics show that one in every ten Americans suffers from an illness caused by food. If you take the time to store and prepare the foods the right way, these illnesses do not have to be present. At your summer picnic, you should always make sure you are eating foods that are safe. No one wants to experience stomach aches or diarrhea.

Summer picnics can take on many forms. There are community picnics, neighbor picnics, friends tailgating, and ballgames. You can be assured there is always a lot of different foods and good foods. It is important to take care of the foods that are being offered at these picnics, so that everyone is safe.

Some basic rules to practice first, are washing your hands before starting to work in the kitchen to prepare anything. Also make sure the area that you are using is clean.

Second you should cook your foods with plenty of time for chilling them. Chill them in shallow containers in the refrigerator. Then put them in to the coolers.

Next your perishable foods that are for your summer picnic should be stored in a cooler with plenty of ice. Do not keep them in the same cooler as drinks, as that cooler will get open more often and the ice can melt a lot faster. Perishable foods should be kept at 40 degrees to be kept safe.

If you are packing meat to grill at your picnic it should be packed in the bottom of the cooler. This will ensure no blood will be dripping into the salad you made. Safety should be a concern of yours when packing the coolers. 

Once you are setting up your picnic tables, you should set everything that has mayonnaise in it with ice. You can take a bowl bigger than your dish and fill it with ice and set your dish right in it. This will help immensely. You can do this with the condiments as well. It may look tacky, however, no one will get sick.

If you are grilling meat, do not ever put the cooked meat on the same plate as you had the raw meat on. This is a bad practice and can make someone very sick. Remember food safety.

As soon as everyone has finished eating do not leave the food sitting out. A good rule to follow is never to leave perishable foods out in the open, that are not refrigerated for more than two hours. Take the time to put the food, that will spoil, back into the coolers. If someone decides to get more they can get it out of the coolers.  

Using these tips, can help you be safe on your summer picnics with your family. Keeping ice in your coolers at all times, will help with that too. Washing your hands before preparing anything is a number one rule when it comes to safety. Enjoy your summer picnics and practice safety so no one will be sick from food.