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Fun Family Car Games For A Road Trip

Fun Family Car Games For A Road Trip

Fun family car games for a road trip can exhaust the amount of oxygen when everyone gets excited or cannot stop laughing in the car. It is especially so if the air-conditioner is not on or the windows are not down to keep the fresh air from coming into the car. Family-friendly car games depends very much on the age of the travellers as well as their seriousness.

Some games make use of the environment and do not need any special equipment. These games help focus children’s attention on their surroundings and help them be aware of the things around them along a road.

* Spot the truck is an easy game to keep the children’s eyes on the road. It also trains children to be observant and focussed on counting trucks. Substitute trucks with motorcycles, cars of different colours, trees of any species, and passers-by on a lonely rural road.

* Freeze simply means freeze, stop shot of breathing until someone starts moving. Since the driver must be mobile, he will shout the magic word and the mother or the oldest child will be the initial judge. When the first person starts moving, he is considered the loser. The loser will then be the judge for the next round. The driver will always start the rounds by saying ‘freeze’.

* Sleep simply sleep. The one who is the last to fall asleep will not get a treat at the next stop for gas or a meal. In fact, when you train the children from young, there is no need to even bribe them with a treat. Moeover, if the children have been to a place of fun, such as the Science Centre or the beach, this game becomes reality within seconds, even with adults..  

* 7-Up is a counting game. The driver’s participation is optional. Everyone counts in turn after someone starts from the number one. Whenever it reaches a multiple of 7, such as 7. 14. 21, and so on, or a number containing the digit 7, such as 17, 27, instead of saying the number, the person says 7-Up. Substitute 7 with any other number and the game rolls on.

* The greetings game is fun on a rural road trip in a country abroad. Be prepared to have your ears deafened. Get the children to learn to greet in the local language and greet the locals that appear along the road. When the children have such enthusiasm, and the car is travelling at a reasonable speed, you can imagine the uproar this game brings about.

* Spelling Bee with a twist becomes 7-Up. Get the children to spell simple words as quickly as they can, with each throwing out a letter in turn. Give them long and difficult words, even words in a foreign land that you are visiting, and you will have lots of fun. However, this game does not quite work out if the children do not quite have similar abilities to spell as they will either feel victimised or embarrassed if they cannot spell.

Depending on the children’s ages, you may need a whole repertoire of games to rotate such that they do not feel bored. If all fails and you need a quiet moment, allow them to whisk out their electronic games and play with their headphones on.