Gay Travel To Spain

Gay Travel To Spain

Spain was among the very first nations to allow same-sex couples to enjoy equal marriage rights, to openly adopt children and to be treated with equal respect and dignity under the law. This legal equality and level of acceptance has created a welcoming atmosphere that has made Spain a popular destination for safe, memorable gay vacations. Each of the major cities in Spain, as well as some smaller towns, has a visible, active community and an LGBT scene, which varies by location. For example, Sitges offers an LGBT culture with casual class, while Madrid boasts a sexually-charged scene and lively nightlife that promises a raucous good time. With great weather, breathtaking architecture, beautiful landscapes and rich culture and history, Spain is an ideal setting for gay travel.

Some of Spain’s most welcoming towns, cities and islands include Sitges, Valencia, Torremolinos, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Barcelona and Benidorm, each of which is very popular with LGBT visitors. Many of these must-see locales have exceptional beaches and all of them offer a vibrant community and active nightlife for gay vacations. For travelers in search of a lively scene, Madrid is the ideal choice and will not disappoint; however, those looking for a laidback vacation on the beach may prefer Ibiza or Gran Canaria, while travelers who prefer a mix of bars and beaches might best enjoy Torremolinos or Valencia.

Travelers looking for remarkable architecture, art and culture in a welcoming environment will not want to miss Barcelona, home to more community establishments, restaurants, bars, bathhouses and clubs than anywhere else in the country. Many of the establishments are located in the L’Eixample neighborhood, making this area a favorite among LGBT tourists and locals alike. As one of the most welcoming, cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Barcelona has everything you need from bars to beaches and boasts a lively LGBT community that is active and visible. During any gay vacation visiting Barcelona, another LGBT hotspot that is worth a visit is the seaside community of Sitges, just 35 kilometers to the south.

When making your travel plans for your trip to Spain, you might want to consider traveling to this magnificent country as part of a tour organized through a company specializing in gay travel tours around the world. Traveling with an organized group allows you to discover your vacation destination with other like-minded travelers while making new friends with which to share your new experiences.

For folks who would rather explore Spain on their own, with their partner or with a group of friends, planning your Spain excursion through a well-known travel agency with experience arranging gay vacations to Spain is the best way to ensure that you will have a memorable experience that is both enjoyable and safe.