George Clooney

George Clooney

George Clooney is what is considered in the acting world as a double threat. Not only does he have the looks that have seen him become one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors but he also has the acting talent that has earned him 70 award wins over the years.

George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Ky. His father, Nick Clooney, was a television host and his mother, Nina Bruce, was a former beauty pageant queen. Clooney also has famous relatives that include President Abraham Lincoln and singer Rosemary Clooney.

Acting was not an early love for Clooney. He attended many schools as a youngster including Blessed Sacrament School, St. Michael’s School and St. Susanna School. While he was attending middle school he fell ill with a bout of Bell’s Palsy which he managed to shake off within twelve months.

While he attended Augusta High School Clooney he had academic success, He was also a handy baseball and basketball player,  although his dreams of being drafted to the Cincinnati Reds were dashed when he didn’t make the cut. That dream shattered Clooney decided to study broadcast journalism at the Northern Kentucky University and then the University of Cincinnati but he dropped out of both.

While he did other odd jobs he also turned to acting and soon found himself appearing in television shows including ‘Riptide’, ‘Street Hawk’, ‘E/R’, ‘The Facts Of Life’, ‘Murder She Wrote’, ‘The Golden Girls’ and ‘Roseanne’. He also appeared in a bunch of B-grade films but then after meaty roles in television shows including ‘Bodies Of Evidence’ and ‘Sisters’ he landed the role that made him a worldwide success, the role of Dr. Doug Ross in hit medical drama ‘ER’.

With ‘ER’ making him an instant celebrity Clooney soon found himself been cast in films like ‘From Dusk To Dawn’, ‘Batman & Robin’ (where he played Batman), ‘The Perfect Storm’, ‘Ocean’s 11’, ‘Ocean’s 12’ and ‘Ocean’s 13’.

Now Clooney was a name that could be guaranteed to bring a crowd into a cinema he was soon able to do more serious films like ‘Leatherheads’, ‘Burn After Reading’, ‘Up In The Air’, ‘The Ides Of March’ and ‘The Descendants’.

Aside from acting Clooney has also begun to establish himself as a director/screenwriter and has found success with films such as ‘Leatherheads’, ‘Good Night And Good Luck’ and ‘The Ideas Of March’. He has received Oscar nominations for both his acting and screenwriting while in 2005 he picked up a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in Syriana.

Outside of the film industry Clooney has been recognized as a strong supporter of President Barrack Obama and as a selfless humanitarian worker. Clooney also has a bit of a reputation as a ‘bit of a ladies’ man’ despite the fact he vowed to never marry again after his failed four-year marriage with Talia Balsam ended in 1993. Since then he has been romantically linked with model Lisa Snowdon, Sarah Larson, Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, Kelly Preston, Renee Zellweger, Krista Allen and Celine Balitran. It is currently believed that he is dating former WWE star Stacy Keibler.

As one of the most recognizable people in the world George Clooney is in constant demand, whether that be for a range of film roles or even television commercials you know what ever Clooney puts his hard work into will end up being stylish and an enjoyable watch.

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