George Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez is known for his comedian career and acting career. He has been known to be one of the best comedians that is out there. I enjoy a lot of his work and his movies that he has played in.

Many people out there may not know who George Lopez is and what his life has been like while growing up. Maybe many people are wondering just how Lopez went into his field of becoming a comedian and actor and what has inspired him to become a comedian and actor. So that is what this article is about.

George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961, where he was born and raised in Mission Hills, CA.

George had a very hard childhood, where he was left by both his mother and father. His father left him when he was two years old and his mother left him to be raised by his grandmother when he was ten years old.  Lopez attended San Fernando High School, upon graduating, he did not attend college, but felt the passion, to be a stand up comedian. He was more so inspired by his childhood experiences and felt it would turn into some great acts.

George Lopez’s memories of childhood where known to be memorable and that is how he saw it and nothing less.

He learned of his calling to go into the comedian life style in the 1970s.  Where he would soon land a role in the NBC comedy, “Chico and the Man.” This was on the air from 1974-1978 who starred also Freddie Prinze.

After noticing his talent George Lopez knew that he would be good as a stand up comedian, and decided to give it a try.  it was later noticed that he was good at it, when he begin doing stand up comedies after graduating from high school in the year 1979. Lopez felt that this experience was very exciting, but he also became fearful of how his success would turn out. He felt that he was not ready to go out on stage until four years later. Until then, Lopez found himself doing many small jobs to support himself, until the mid 80s. This when he then knew that he must commit himself to being a full time comedian.  His second time was definitely more successful than the first time.

Not only did Lopez start his career in comedy, but he found himself wanting to go into the acting field. He started his acting career in the year 1990. Which his first role that he landed was in the comedy, “Ski School.” This is were, during the premier of the movie, Lopez met his wife Ann Serrano. Which later they became married in 1993. In this time, Lopez also met the actress Constance Marie. Which then, the couple begin coming up with ideas for a new TV series and the name of it would be, “The Honeymooner,” which later had aired on CBS.

In the year 2000, a new idea came about for a gig being hosted for a morning radio show on 92.3 in Los Angeles. Which Lopez became the first latino to land such a great slot on a radio station, as well on top of that, on a English Station.

He also, landed another role in the TV drama, “Bread and Roses.”

During the time, where George Lopez was doing the radio show on 92.3 and the TV series of “Bread and Roses,” he came across Sandra Bullock who had a wonderful TV show idea. This TV show would be about Lopez’s family experiences and what his comedies was all about. So George Lopez felt that the idea was a wonderful idea although his agents figured that this would not be something that Lopez should get involved in. Lopez figured that this show would be wonderful to have and figured that Constance Marie, would be perfect for the show as well. With that said, the TV show, “George Lopez,” aired its first episode on ABC, in the year 2002. With also Constance Marie, who would be playing his wife. The first episode of George Lopez, was inspired by something that had really happened in Lopez’s life, where he learned after his mother had told him that his father was dead, that he was actually still alive. The show eventually became one of the most popular TV shows aired and which also gained wonderful reviews from the viewers and the critics in itself.

In the year 2003, Lopez found himself as the presenter in the 30 Annual Music Awards. Also he became the co-host at the 46 th Annual Grammy Awards.” He also was a commentary on HBO’s “Inside the NFL” for the season that aired in the years 2003-2004.

In 2004, George Lopez earned a Grammy, for the comedy album “Team Leader.” Which was later found to break the house records, in many theatres.  George Lopez had 7 sold out nights in the Amphitheatre. This is where he performed for 42,000 people.

The title of one of his film performances where “Why Are You Crying?” Which had aired on the channel Showtime in the year 2004. Where later George Lopez wrote his book titled, “Why Are You Crying?, which had then turned into the 20 top sellers list.

Not only was George Lopez landing roles in TV shows, but he also landed roles in movies. A few of the movies that George played in are:

-Naughty or Nice” which had aired in the year 2004.
-”The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava girl in 3-D” in the year 2005.
-He was the voice over for one of the dogs on “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, which aired in the year 2008.
-Landed a role in the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day,” which aired in the year 2010.
-He played an FBI agent, on the comedy “Swing Vote,” which aired in the year 2008.

Besides his acting and comedy life, George Lopez remains married to his wonderful wife Ann Serrano and he also a father to a wonderful little girl named Mayan Lopez who was born in 1995.

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