Gifts From Sweden

Gifts From Sweden

Gifts from Sweden

When you are ready to head home after your visit to Sweden, you will want to have some souvenirs of your wonderful visit. These items make good gifts to give to family and friends and are alos items you will want to bring home for yourself.

Crystal: Orrefors is known the world round for the quality and beauty of their crystal. They produce pieces with the flowers of the different regions of Sweden which are not something that is available everywhere in the world. While Orrefors may be the best know producer of Crystal in Sweden they are not by any means the only one. Kosta Boda, Mats Jonasson, SEA Glassworks and Nybro Glassworks all offer unique and beautiful crystal gifts to bring home for family and friends. While you are at it, don’t forget to buy some for yourself, you will be glad you did,

Carl Larsson: You will find many items that display the works of the great Swedish artist Carl Larsson. It isn’t just about prints and post cards either. Think about picking up a try with one of his works displayed on it. If you purchase one of these trays you will also need to get a “tray strap”. These are unusual items that are used to hang and display your tray on the wall. They can be made of a variety of materials from canvas to lace. No matter what you choose they will be the perfect complement to your Carl Larsson tray.

Lingonberry jam or jelly: This is the perfect souvenir of Sweden. Lingonberries are very hardy berries which can survive even in the arctic. They are plentiful in Sweden and are incorporated into many items. They easiest to bring home are lingonberry jellies and jams. They come in many size jars and are sold by a variety of companies. When you are in Sweden you will be able to sample several varieties to decide which one you prefer.

Wooden butter knives: The Swedes take their butter very seriously. They take their wooden butter knives even more seriously. Many families have one for each member and you never use your wooden butter knife for anything except butter. This will be a gift that no one at home has. You can choose one made form juniper or another fragrant wood. The handle should have some hand-painted design on it and you can choose to have a special Christmas or Easter design.

Cheese slicer: If you are a cheese lover or have friends and family who are, a Swedish cheese slicer with a nice wooden handle and stainless steel blade is a useful and every typical gift to bring home. They travel well and when you are slicing your hard cheese you will be very glad you were smart enough to bring one of these home.

Swedish chocolate: The Belgians and the Swiss aren’t the only ones who produce great chocolate. The Swedes have several very good brands themselves. This along with their potent and smooth coffee makes easy and inexpensive souvenirs of your visit to Sweden.