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Godson Cocktail

Godson Cocktail

The Godson cocktail, which is the “brother” to the Goddaughter cocktail, is the citrus version of its apple-flavored counterpart. While the Goddaughter is an apple-based drink, the Godson combines amaretto and orange juice to create its tasty, unique flavor. Both the Goddaughter and the Godson cocktails feature the smooth, sweet taste of amaretto in their ingredients, adding a wonderful undertone of almonds. It may seem odd to pair the taste of almond and orange, but surprisingly, the flavors blend beautifully. 

This is a drink that is great to serve in the summertime, but it actually makes an equally delicious choice for a holiday drink, possibly because the orange and almond flavors taste a bit like that Christmastime favorite, wassail. Serve these along with appetizers before a holiday meal or as a palate teaser between courses. It also tastes wonderful after the dessert has been served, sipped by the fireside while with friends and family gathered for an end of the evening laugh!

Use fresh orange juice, not from a carton. It is a little extra effort to get the fresh juice, but trust me, it is well worth it when you taste the result. There is just no substitute for fresh ingredients! 



4 to 6 ice cubes, cracked
2 measures amaretto
Fresh orange juice
Slice of orange, for garnish 


1. Chill a highball glass by filling it with ice cubes and cold water. When it is cold and frosty, empty out the ice and water.

2. Add the cracked ice to the chilled highball glass.

3. Pour in the amaretto, then fill the glass with the fresh orange juice. 

4. Stir well to mix.

5. Decorate the rim of the drink with the slice of orange or float it, then serve and enjoy!