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Great Clothing Gifts For Business Travelers

Great Clothing Gifts For Business Travelers

As a seasoned road warrior, I know a few things about business travel. I also fancy myself as a fashionista. I know from experience that one of the most important things that a business traveler needs is a wardrobe that will allow that to look good from the start of the day to the end. If you have traveled by car or plane you don’t want to walk into a meeting looking like you slept in your clothes. Clothes that can go the distance are very important. While style is a key element in clothing, comfort is a close second especially when the flight is cancelled and you are going to be hanging out in the same clothes for hours at end.

There are several things that are really important in any traveler’s wardrobe. Key to a business traveler are clothes that don’t wrinkle, a good shoes that can be worn for hours on end, and something to throw on if it is cool where you are going. Clothes that don’t wrinkle easily can stand the test of time and carry you through a long day. I have found that there are designers out there whose clothes look classic but have wonderful fabrics that can be worn time and again without looking like I slept in them. Babette is a line of ladies clothes that have crinkled fabric that hold up and can be thrown in the wash and will dry a few minutes later. Her clothes are simple and can be changed with different accessories which can help change the look of an outfit if you have to wear more then once in the week. Her line is more expensive but the compliments are well worth it. Many women also like a line that cost less and looks good such as Chico’s and you can find many pieces to mix in and make great looks. Something that I have found to work is to have a basic outfit that can be mixed with different accessories or jackets to give it more range.

I have been wearing shawls for years and they are great for traveling. You can pack them easily and they are light to carry. You can have one in a computer bag and if the plane is cool put it around you much better then the airplane blanket. If you invest in a good cashmere shawl it will last a long time. One with a lovely print or pattern can also be worn with other outfits to add a little flair. They are also great to throw over your
shoulders in a cool hotel room or put between you and the hotel blanket and bedspread. For a man I would recommend a nice cashmere scarf or a nice fleece to wear in the room.

Barefoot Dreams carries so wonderful bathrobes that are light and don’t take up a lot of room in a suitcase. This is nice to have as you want to relax in your room and feel the comfort of home. Fleece socks with strips on the bottom are also good as you don’t want to walk on the hotel carpet with bare feet. You can also get some really great lounging/gym clothes for both men and women at Target. After a long day of travel there is nothing better then putting on some comfy clothes to relax and if they can also be used for gym clothes the better for it.

Shoes generally aren’t a present you would give someone as they are pretty much a personal preference. You might give a traveler some light weight sandals that they can easily pack and use around the hotel. A good pair of light weight workout shoes is nice too. There are some great light shoes out now and one line that that packs well and doesn’t weigh a lot is Puma.

A nice looking coat or raincoat is good too. A nice leather coat can be worn both for work and leisure. Another thing that is really handy is a travel size umbrella that can fit into a computer bag. Whatever the coat is though make sure that it is light enough to be easy to carry but warm enough for a change in climates.

Business travelers have to carry their world with them where ever they go. Make sure that whatever type of clothing that you give them is versatile, and easy to clean in an emergency. There is nothing worse then wearing the split Starbucks coffee for the majority of the day. One good stocking stuffer is Tide-2-Go or small Shout packets. These help a lot in a crisis.

No matter what type of clothing you buy for the business traveler they will appreciate the thought and be reminded of home when they wear it.