Great Spa Holiday Destinations

Great Spa Holiday Destinations

After suffering a bout of stress and being considerably over weight, I decided to join an aerobics class. I continued with this each week and soon found I felt much better.

A couple of months later, my aerobics teacher made an announcement that there would be an outing to a Health Farm for Christmas. Instead of being entertained at a restaurant, we would be beautifully pampered and spoiled for a day.

A full day was going to cost around 85 sterling. I was going to have a body massage, facial massage using essential oils, manicure and pedicure with leg and foot massage and unlimited use of all facilities.

The free daily program of various health activities were, also, a bonus, which I found extremely enjoyable. They gave the freedom of doing exactly what you wanted, such as; aerobics, step aerobics, dance, yoga, water aerobics, stretching, tummy exercises, line dancing and country walks. The facilities were excellent. You had the choice of either using the sauna or steam room, or relaxing in a whirlpool. There is, also, a swimming pool and an excellent gym that has a brilliant variety of exercising equipment.

Also, included in this price, was tea or coffee in the morning, a three course buffet lunch, and afternoon tea. The food was healthy with a variety of delicious menus. Carrot cake was one of their finest deserts and seemed to be popular to many of the guests.

We arrived early in the morning and were shown around. After being shown to our lockers and rest rooms, where we were able to leave our belongings and change, we were taken to the restaurant to have coffee or tea. Whilst there, we were given a time table of all activities and were told to make appointments for treatments as soon as we were finished.

There are other extras such as, a hairdresser salon, leg waxing, sun beds and head massages etc. We were told that we would have to book these in the morning and then pay for them afterward, as they are not included in the overall price.
The first activity I had decided to do was the morning country walk. This was refreshing and energetic. The fresh air outside and the fast energizing walk began to stimulate my muscles. Afterward, many of us decided to take our coffee break, which was more satisfying, as you sat talking to your friends.

After, I attended a stretch class. The atmosphere and mixture of men and women of all ages was delightful and relaxing. The stretching exercises were equally inspiring, especially for my legs, as they had ached from my walk.

After lunch, some of us changed into our robes that you can hire for about 1.50 and attended our treatments. My body massage was intense and delightful. I thought it was the most relaxing treatment of all. It took all my stresses away and made my skin feel smooth and soft again. I was asked if I had any preferences on where I wanted to be massaged. I said that I did not want my tummy treated. I felt less apprehensive about the massage after I had been asked this, as I had not been sure what to expect.

The massage and facial made me feel calm and almost, drunk in a way. My advice is to relax after this massage. Try to have your massage after lunch, as it gives you time in the morning to enjoy the classes. Then you can continue the day relaxing with the massages and manicures, and any other extras you may want.

At the end of the day, I went to the yoga class for beginners. I have never tried yoga before and I was keen to try it. It made me feel calm. So, I decided I would try to attend a yoga class each week to help me with my stress.

There are, also, rooms if you want to stay for a night or two. If you do, the program of daily exercise classes are different each day. Staying one or two nights may give you the chance of trying many other classes that may not have been available the day before.

If you feel stressed and want to get healthy, then why not start off by arranging a day or even one night at a Health Farm, such as Henlow Grange in Bedfordshire. It could make the world of difference for you and your future just as it did for me. This would, also, be a great thing to do if you need to loose a some weight, but do not know how to go about it. A visit to a Health Farm could help you to get into the mode of exercising and how to arrange your daily routine in order for you to loose those few pounds.

I have been here twice now, but only on a day package. It is a fabulous day and you come out feeling refreshed, relaxed and healthy. My next plan is to go for the night.

Coming here was completely worth while for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Especially, if you either feel stressed or want to treat someone to a gift for Christmas, because you can buy gift vouchers to visit a Health Farm. Why not treat yourself to sort out your pre-wedding months for your beauty and weight management before the big event!