Great Wine Pairings For Various Bbqs

Great Wine Pairings For Various Bbqs

Having a barbecue is as American as apple pie. Whether you are cooking steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, or any other delicious meats, barbecues are immensely satisfying and great ways to relax and spend time with family. While for many Americans beer is their drink of choice at barbecues, wine is another great option. There are a number of great wine pairings to make your barbecue that much more enjoyable.

With Grilled Steak

Eating grilled steak can be extremely delicious. There are a number of wines that compliment the taste extremely well. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvingon, and Pinot Noir are three great options.

Cabernet Franc has an earthy texture that when harvested properly can complement steak seamlessly. It also has a hint of spicy oak flavor that adds a nice touch.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most recognizable red wines, and is popular for good reason. Known as the King of Grape Wines, it ages well to produce appealing fruit tones when consumed. The taste can draw out a number of enticing flavors that go well with grilled stake, including plum, cherry, and warm spice.

Pinot Noir is not just the wine fondly consumed by wine-aficionado Miles Raymond in Sideways. It is also a delicious wine that complements grilled steak. Pinot Noir emits aromas of red fruit that enhance the taste of a delicious red stake. This is a flexible wine that goes well with a variety of delicious foods.

With Hamburgers

A barbecue is just not the same without hamburgers, one of America’s favorite foods! There are a number of wines that make burgers even more tasty. Bierzo and Barbera are a couple of intriguing wines that are good options.

Bierzo wine is a Spanish wine produced in the northwest province of Léon. This lush wine owes its success to the delicious Mencía grape that is an integral component of the wine. The grape provides just the right amount of acidity and fruit to make a hamburger that much better. 

Barbera wine is a rustic, Italian wine that comes in a number of flavors and varieties. These wines have strong fruit flavors and smooth tannins, and go well with hamburgers. combating the taste of mustard and pickles with its own addition. 

These are just a few of the delicious wines that pair with a couple of America’s favorite barbecue foods. For a more extensive list of wine pairings, there are a number of online resources available.