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Guayama Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Guayama Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Originally named “San Antonio de Padua de Guayama”, the municipality of Guayama is located on Puerto Rico’s southern coastline, bordering the Caribbean. Since its founding in 1736 by Matias de Abadia, it has been known by locals as “La Ciudad Bruja” (witch city) or “Pueblo de los Brujos” (city of witches) because of the town’s history of it’s association with witches. Guayama is home to over 40,000 people and covers about 81 square miles.

There are several hotel and resort options in Guayama with some notable places being El Lagado, Molino Inn, and Caribbean View House.

When visiting Guayama, the natural attractions are the star. The beautiful Jobos Bay National Estaurine Research Reserve located between the coasts of Salinas and Guayama was established in 1987. Covering a little over 2,880 acres of land visitors will have much to explore in its mangrove forests and fresh water wetlands. The reserve is open daily and guided tours are available upon request. For more information, call (787) 864-0105. Another standout natural attraction is the Carite Forest. It is made up of 6000 acres of land featuring more than 50 species of birds, making it a bird watchers paradise. It is also equipped with both picnic areas and campgrounds.   Permits are required for camping.

Other attractions and places of interest in Guayama are the Centro de Bellas de Guayama, Museo Casa Cautino, Plaza de Recreo Cristobal Colon Rodeo Beach, and Pozuelo Beach. Centro de Bellas Artes de Guayama is a new art center that is located within a restored classic building. The art center features many historical artifacts and paintings that are relevant to the area. Museo Casa Cautino is a 19th century residence that allows visitors to see a perfect example of neoclassic and Creole-style buildings. It includes many paintings, woodcarvings, sculptures, and furniture that were made by a variety of different Puerto Rican artists for the Cautino family. Plaza de Recreo Cristobal Colon is a beautiful tree lined plaza.

Dining in Guayama is nothing special, but, there are some top rated restaurants that visitors may be interested in with Costa de Sol Bar and Grill, Restaurante La Guitarra, and La Casa de Los Pastelillos being at the top of the list.

If looking to plan a trip to Guayama when the town is a little livelier, it is best to make plans to visit when one of the many festivals is going on in the town. Carnaval Brujo, Feria Dulces Suenos, and Feria y Expoicion de Caballos de Paso Fino are in March. Carnaval de Guayama is in April. Fiestas Patronales de San Antonio de Padua is in June. Festival Jibaro is in October and Semana Puertorriquena is in December.

Although most people who seek to take a Puerto Rico vacation look elsewhere than Guayama, Puerto Rico, it is still suitable for every type of traveler looking to vacation in an area that is off the beaten path, and has the potential to provide a memorable vacation for all who visit.