Guide To Visiting Maui Hawaii With Young Kids

Guide To Visiting Maui Hawaii With Young Kids

Maui has a lot of activities that grown ups love, but the area has lots to offer children as well. There are activities that kids can do on their own, and things the whole family will love doing together.

A family friendly vacation to Maui should start with a visit to the Iao Valley. This gorgeous area will make the kids forget that they’re away from their friends, and keep their minds focused on your vacation. Iao Valley features the Iao Needle, an all natural rock formation that is over 2,000 feet tall along with beautiful mountain views.

If the kids loved their visit to Iao Valley, and want to learn more about the nature in Hawaii, head over to the Hawaii Nature Center. This interactive museum will teach your kids all about the natural elements of the island, and it’s a guaranteed fun experience for everyone in the family. If the kids still aren’t bored with nature, take them to the Maui Ocean Center. Here everyone will have the chance to see the marine life native to the islands, and learn all about them.

Families with smaller kids can head to Baby Beach. This beach has gentle, rolling waves and is the perfect place for that first swimming, or snorkeling lesson. Older kids will love the chance to snorkel through the waters of Baby Beach, while the younger kids can play in the waves. You would be hard pressed to find anyone on this beach, without a big smile on their face.

Who said Maui was just for adults? There’s more than enough to keep all keeps happy, and satisfied.