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Recipes: Low fat hamburgers

All too many times I have seen low fat, no fat, zero fat and so on in the memo sections of the labels.

Many doctors I have visited have suggested that I cut the fat from my diet. Being nearly one hundred percent vegetarian, I find it hard to comply with something that doesn’t make sense to me.

Have we all forgotten the good old days, when people just lived instead of wrapped themselves around the axle about staying fit and the key to a persons life is exercise? Have we all forgotten how to just plain live? I’d like to think so.

Here is my rendition of Low fat hamburgers. Take a glob of the fattiest steak and have it ground up. Add in the best tasting sausage you can find. Now that everything is ground up add the seasonings.

Okay, now that you have a mass of heart stopping goodness, scoop up a glob of this ever so yummy goodness and plop that sucker on the grill. Little do people remember from the past as it is still being done today; grilled food drips out the food and into the flames. Hence the “George Foreman Grill.”

Nothing has changed people, just the psychological way you think about being fit, living health, and panicking over literally everything the doctor tells you to do, not to mention the fact that the television helps reprogram our way of thinking in today’s world.

If those who lived to be eighty or ninety did well by eating beef that was fat or even low fat, then why can’t we all just eat the same way.

If beef is not your forte then try this recipe for a change. You will be delightfully surprised “vegetarians. PORK and TURKEY are amazing together with a bit of sausage. If that doesn’t suit your fancy and get most beef eaters to slim down, then by all means, eat up the fat. We all need fat in our diet and a little will not kill you over night unless you are one of the uniquely few that a chronic with everything bad syndrome.

The key to staying thin is to keep your metabolism going at a steam locomotive rate. Thus, a combination of eat every meal, exercise and just enjoy life over trying to stress out over everything a doctor, a television, a commercial, or the store advertisements tell you to do.

Besides, why not enjoy life rather then get to your death bed unhappy and wondering what that burger would have tasted like and you kick yourself for not having enjoyed life a little more.

So as we all go into the millennium of life and death, are you going to be one of the few that suffer through life not knowing that there was an alternative to happiness in eating or are you going to do exactly what everyone else does and takes what everyone and the television says as God’s word? I for one will live my life happy and eating regularly knowing I have tasted some pretty darn good hamburgers in my life. Try it Mikey, you might like it.

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