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Hilton Head Island South Carolina Sea Crest Resort Review

Hilton Head Island South Carolina Sea Crest Resort Review

The Sea Crest Resort of Myrtle Beach was an absolutely brilliant choice for our annual family trip. Though we weren’t basking in the lap of luxury, our massive villa overlooked the Atlantic Ocean and the beach was in walking distance. Best of all, even with two kids, the words “I’m bored” were never spoken.

Our first morning at Sea Crest, rain was pounding on the Atlantic shore, so we took advantage of the indoor pools and hot tubs. Our children went hog-wild in the kiddy pool. There was even an indoor river for us to float around on. The pools weren’t open every day because of some maintenance issues, but there is quite a bit more to do around this resort than swim!

We went bowling, with rails of course, and watched the little ones’ bowling balls fly at an astonishing three miles per hour. We skipped the minutes-long drive to the Family Kingdom Water Park and watched sailboats, kayaks, and jet skis whizz by from a fishing pier instead. Tennis and mini-golf would have also been fun if the young ones were a tad older. They had a blast anyhow.

Sea Crest is across from Coligny Plaza, so plenty of restaurants and stores were nearby. A pet-friendly bakery called Tail Waggers was the most fun. We ate dinner most often at Fitzgerald’s because of its reasonable prices. The service and environment at the Big Bamboo Cafe was disappointing, and it’s certainly not a family restaurant, but the food was not too shabby. When I felt like making a meal without any strangers around, we simply took a trip to the grocery store and returned to our villa.

I’m glad we chose to stay in a villa because it came with all the amenities of a house, utensils included. On top of that, our bathtub was gigantic. I mean big enough for two. I was not expecting the place to come with a washer and dryer, but they proved to be convenient after our boy rolled around in wet sand with his clothes on. Honestly, I don’t blame him. Sea Crest may very well have the best beach on Hilton Head Island.