Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima is the largest city in Honshu Island. It is historical because of the Americans dropping the atomic bomb on august 6, 1945. After approximately one month the country face Makourazaki typhoon which left the city suffering major losses. It was rebuilt after that and with help of the government and was proclaimed city of peace.

The city is now a port city and also has an international airport that helps the economy through transportation of goods. The biggest company is Mazda manufacturers of Mazda cars. The city has excellent transportation and low living cost. These factors together with the fact that the economy is increasing and that it is the centre of technology make it one of the best destinations in Japan. The city also has its share of culture. It has an excellent symphony orchestra that has been performing for many years.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is one of the places to visit if you want to understand the city’s history. There are also art museums mainly exhibiting French art from the renaissance period as well as the Contemporary Art Museum with modern collections and artwork. Make sure to visit the Flower Festival and the famous Animation festival. Both festivals are unique and you will see productions and technology that will be breathtaking.

The flower festival has been established and also features a parade. It normally takes place at the beginning of May. The main theme is to create buildings like the existing ones made with flowers and green. As you can imagine the result is mesmerizing and sometimes overwhelming. The festival captures the need of the natives to live in peace. There you can also visit the zoo, the concerts that are held and take part in parades and fashion shows.

If you have never tasted Okonomiyaki, here is your chance. It is cooked in front of the customer with many fresh ingredients that are layered one above the other. The original recipe contains pork, eggs, noodles, cabbage, cheese and sauce. You can tell the chef your preferences, but the final dish is up to him. Apart from that, the cuisine is the excellent Japanese cuisine that you will discover is much more than sushi. The city also has a baseball team that is well known to the West as well. There is also a university for literature and science studies.

Hiroshima is worth visiting. The city has a long history and features many museums and galleries. Transportation is excellent and you can reach your destination in no time. In all, it is the place to visit in Japan.