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Holiday Safety Travel With Children

Holiday Safety Travel With Children

Getting where you are going is a critical component to happy holidays.  For single parents, hitting the road or skies can be frustrating and sometimes scary.  To help get your little family to its destination safely, here are some travel safety guidelines every single parent should know:

Don’t Go It Alone

If at all possible during this hectic holiday season, bring a friend or relative to travel with you.  As bathroom breaks and gas refills can become challenging when you have only one adult, try to find someone who is already heading your way or who doesn’t already have plans for the holiday.

Be Prepared

Accidents happen, especially during high travel times.  Be sure to prepare yourself for whatever emergencies might occur.  Whether it’s a flat tire or a busted radiator, having the items you need, when you need them can make a big difference in safety and comfort.  In the cold of winter, make certain your car contains the following:

•  Spare tire

•  Jack

•  Flat repair kit and tire inflator

•  Extra blankets

•  A supply of nutritious snacks and water

•  Flashlight

•  Let Someone Know

Never leave home without letting another person know when you are leaving, where you are headed, and your approximate travel time.  In case of accident it’s easier to estimate a last known location and hurry the time in which it takes to find you and your children.

Always Follow Safety Procedures

Whether you are in the car or in the air, government regulations are designed to keep you and your kids safe.  Make sure you use proper restraints, avoid distraction, and stay alert.  Be careful not to drive under the influence of alcohol and pull over if you start to feel too tired.

Watch What You Eat

Traveling abroad or even at home can be life threatening if you or your child has food allergies.  Be sure to ask what you are consuming before you buy and bring along any medications that you need.  A good rule of thumb is if you aren’t sure, don’t eat it.

Stranger Danger

Obviously, leaving children unattended even for a moment can lead to catastrophic events over the holidays.  Before you head out, be sure that each child knows how to avoid being separated from you and what to do when approached by a stranger.  Never allow your little ones to use the restroom, visit an airport shop, or stay in a gas station after you have left.

Child Proofing

Many parents forget that traveling brings the same dangers as staying at home.  If you plan to stay at a relative’s home or in a hotel, be sure that your room is babysafe.  Take along extra outlet plugs, baby gates, and cabinet locks to make certain your baby is safe.