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Home Business Ideas  Pampered Chef Consultant

Pampered Chef is a home-based business that accrues money by hosting commercial parties, or cooking shows in people’s homes. It was founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher, who needed an income while she stayed at home with her children. Consultants of the Pampered Chef host parties that display the cooking utensils and gadgets from this line of products. Much more than a show, the parties have become interactive, and guests can use the products during the show to test them while eating delicious food made during the parties.

Consultant Benefits and Requirements

Being a consultant can be a good way to make money. As with any home based, party-oriented business, more money is made by recruiting consultants and increasing the number of cooking shows performed. For about $200.00, a consultant kit may be purchased, and one could begin their career.

Pampered Chef recommends two shows a week for steady income and much emphasis is placed on the first 90 days of business. In the first 90 days, if a consultant hosts four parties and sells about $1300 in commissionable sales, they are eligible for other rewards, such as a free website subscription and bonuses for the recruiting consultant, as well as credits to purchase product.

The tools to assist a consultant and their hosts are many. The best tool by far is the personal website. It is very helpful, tracking sales and providing a calendar of goals and events for the consultant. When a host books a party in their home, they also get a page on the consultant’s website, where they can send out invitations, track the RSVPs, and allow the guests to make orders online under their page, so that the host is still able to add the sales of those not attending toward their free gifts and discounts. More about Host benefits later.

Another useful tool is the Pampered Chef Debit card. Pampered Chef actually provides their consultants with a debit card, which holds all of their commissions via direct deposit. This makes business spending and tax preparation that much easier, because it all is included in one location, if the consultant desires.

The consultant binder has all the information one could possibly need about the business, from setting goals to hosting parties. Included are 4 DVDs for training purposes, and a calendar to write goal dates and parties, etc. Of course, all of these tools can also be found online, but for those curious about the business, the consultant can just hand it over to, say, a curious writer, and all questions will be answered.

Benefits of Hosting a Party

Some say that being a host offers more benefits than being a consultant. All the host does is invite their friends over and have a party, and based on the sales, gets free gifts and discounts, as well as free shipping (this would be one annoyance; buyers pay tax on the shipping as well. However, being a member of the Better Business Bureau, this must not be illegal or even frowned upon).

In addition, any party booked by someone who attended that show in the next six months allows the original host to keep all the special host benefits they had at their party. Nice. So the host benefits continue, party after party. The world shall not forget these commission based parties are, in fact, parties. Invite the funniest people, and everyone will have a good time. The host also receives 10% off all orders for an entire year, making online ordering possible and enticing as well.

The host’s website is an amazing feature. From there, they can control the RSVPs, people who cannot attend or are impatient can order from their website, reminders can be sent out to attendees, the list is really endless. Home based party businesses have come a long way from simple networking and phone calls. It would seem that businesses based on parties have evolved and found the internet.

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