Hot Vacation Destinations For Summer 2012

Hot Vacation Destinations For Summer 2012

Are you planning a summer vacation in 2012? If so, there are a few hot destinations that are worth noting. The warmest holiday destinations in the U.S. and Europe are those in the south. For a sizzling hot holiday in the sun, these are a few holiday destinations that are worth noting.

The French Riviera is a good destination for a summer holiday in France. The Riviera has numerous highlights, and cities such as St Tropez and Cannes should be among the first on the list for potential holiday goers. St Tropez has some of the best beaches alongside its crisp blue Mediterranean Sea. Visitors to St Tropez should also consider noting the Le Royal Gardens which includes a collection of exotic Mediterranean plants. In addition to this, the vintage wineries and art galleries are other highlights of St Tropez.

Alternatively, Cannes is another of the Riviera hot spots. The city has miles of sandy beaches along the Côte d’Azur, and summer resorts such as the La Croisette. Its large marina boasts an impressive variety of yachts and other boats suitable for water sports.

Greece is the jewel of the Balkans. This is because it has a few of Europe’s best beaches. Greek Islands such as Lefkada and Kaflonia have great beaches like Egremni and Myrtos which are Blue Flag beaches. The city of Athens is a coastal city, and aside from its intriguing archeological sites such as the Acropolis, there are also a number of beaches along the city’s coastline.

Spain’s hot summer holiday venues include Barcelona and the Spanish Riviera. Barcelona is another coastal city, that includes the famous, and currently incomplete Sagrada Familia cathedral, and Monte Juic which dominates the skyline of this city. It is ranked 4th on Trip Advisor’s top 25 European destinations. While Barcelona has its own beaches, it is not that far away from the Spanish Riviera coastline. The Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca are also hot summer holiday destinations, which include some fantastick coastlines, towns and cities such as Ibiza Town.

Beyond Europe, why not take a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona? The Grand Canyon is a majestic canyon which surrounds the Colorado River. Certainly, it gets hot at the Grand Canyon during the summer with a climate that can eclipse 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For a guided tour of the Grand Canyon its best to visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Caribbean is also a hot vacation destination. The Caribbean Islands such as Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas have tropical climates. Resorts such as Crane Beach, the Platinum Coast and Treasure Cay have some great beaches. Golf is also strong in the Caribbean with golf courses such as the Trent Jones Reef course in the Bahamas and the Sandy Lane course in Barbados.

So, these are a few sizzling summer holiday destinations for 2012. The French Riviera, Barcelona & the Spanish Riviera, Balearic Islands, Grand Canyon, Caribbean and Greek islands like Lefkada and Kaflonia are worth considering. You can find further details at websites such as Trip Advisor.