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Hotel Recommendation For Gainesville Fl

Hotel Recommendation For Gainesville FlIf you’re coming to Gainesville, it’s usually because of the University of Florida or for Medical Care at the Shands Teaching Hospital. I have lived in Gainesville off and on during my career and then retired here 20 years ago. Gainesville is a great place to live.

You want to find a place that is in the center of what’s going on around the city, close to the University and close to the Hospital. The perfect place to stay when visiting this city is the Holiday Inn University Center located at 1250 W University Avenue in Gainesville. I have no affiliation with this hotel so my comments are strictly as a local resident of Gainesville. This hotel has been here as long as I can remember. There have been many renovations, updates and changes to the site but it has always been a constant in our area. Over the years I’ve watched other sites come and go but this site still remains.

The Holiday Inn University Center is within walking distance to the University, local shops and has a restaurant on site. The hospitals are a 5 minute drive or you can catch transportation services easily from the University to these resources. There is a nice restaurant at the hotel but if you prefer to go out, there are many very nice restaurants and bars that are a 5 minute drive from the hotel. It’s a perfect location to stay while visiting the area. Easy access to everything from this location.

There are a lot of hotels all over Gainesville but this one has always been my favorite because its in the hub of what’s going on around town. If you come for a football game or other activity at the University, this is the place to be because you won’t need your car after you check in at the hotel. The view from the top floor where the pool is located gives you a great view of the University and the town. The Hotel Staff has always been friendly and helpful to its guest. Perfect location to watch parades as this is where the bands will put on their best performance.

The rates are comparable to most of the hotels but even if you pay a little more, you’ll find it worth due to conveniences for you. You will be staying at not just a hotel but a part of history of this town.