How the Neo Geo could have become a more Popular System

How the Neo Geo could have become a more Popular System

The Neo Geo is one system that was very expensive at the time. However, it does have the second longest life span of the video game console race with 14, just coming up short to the Atari 2600 in terms of length. It is a console that didn’t really seem to compete in the video game market and may not have been thought of as a major competitor at the time. As a matter of fact, it mostly was just one that would be like owning an Arcade system. If anything, it probably could have seen a few factors that probably may have made it more popular.

In retrospect, perhaps if the console would have been cheaper to buy, then perhaps it might have seen more people buy it. It is potentially a reason to look at if it had any intentions of really becoming a major system in the video game market. The price of it was just something that honestly was high and maybe just looking at it from a money stand point, it would be hard to figure out how to spend enough. The price actually was more expensive than the PlayStation 3.

SNK really had a chance with it and to be fair, it wasn’t that it didn’t do a terrible job. Having a system last 14 years continuing to give it support in that respect really does say a lot but maybe it could have gone further. One notable item is that some of the cartridges were huge and looked like VCRs. In fact, it was huge and would have to be probably the largest ever in terms of cartridge size. This is just an opinion but it may not have been necessary but probably was what it was.

Video game wise, it was fine the way it was and could really have nothing more added in that respect. All that really could have been done was simply keep doing what it was doing. The games in terms of graphics really could match that of an Arcade so it was about the most powerful console out there in the market.

Then again, there may not have been much that it could have done considering that there were only so many consoles available and it was hard to really find a spot. There really hadn’t been much advertising in terms of what to expect from the Neo Geo. In fact, looking back there didn’t seem to be much in the way of marketing. However, it did find its own market and that counts for something. Looking back even further, it just seemed to really be a case of not really wanting to be a big time competitor in terms of going for an even bigger audience.

The Neo Geo had some games that would have been enjoyable but it just seems that maybe it wasn’t something that was meant for everyone and for a certain amount of people, primarily collectors but that’s just an opinion on that. It did what it could but that was it.