How to Beat Opelucid Gym in Pokmon Black and White

How to Beat Opelucid Gym in Pokmon Black and White

The eighth and final gym on your Pokémon Black and White journey, Opelucid Gym in the city of the same name, is possibly also the toughest – depending on your Pokémon line-up, anyway. It’s the home of the dragon-type users of Unova, and they’re not too keen on letting you get away with an easy victory.

Reaching the Gym Leader

Opelucid Gym is, like the other gyms, themed after its particular brand of Pokémon. The whole gym is set upon a series of draconic platforms whose arms rise and fall when you jump on certain switches. It’s not a difficult puzzle by any means – the challenge here stems from the trainers.

You’ll face the following Pokémon while at the Opelucid gym, all above level 40:

  • Fraxures
  • Deinos
  • Druddigons

These are all dragon-type Pokémon, and subsequently quite tough. Ideally, you’ll want to have an ice-type Pokémon – Beartic, Vanilluxe or Cryogonal – from your journey to Opelucid City along to take them down. A dragon-type from Dragonspiral Tower isn’t a bad idea, either, though you expose your Pokémon to the risk of being trashed by dragon-type moves. In either case, you can use the surrounding mountainous area to train your Pokémon before you take on the gym, as well as search Opelucid City for trainers in the houses.

Drayden or Isis?

When you finally reach the gym leader you’ll discover that it’s none other than Drayden, the man who greeted you when you entered town.

Or Isis, his small female counterpart.

Which is it? That depends on your version. Pokémon Black players will get Drayden; Pokémon White players will face Isis. In either case, their team is the same.

  • First up is a small Fraxure, no different from the previous encounters with these creatures. Take it down in the same manner.
  • Next is a Druddigon, again like the others – though with the caveat of knowing Revenge, which can be brutal for an ice-type Pokémon. Make sure you go first.
  • Last is a Haxorus, an evolution of Fraxure. A brutal Pokémon, this thing is really tough, even for an ice-type Pokémon, if it’s given a chance to use Dragon Dance and start attacking. Make sure your ice-type is above level 43, possibly several levels higher, to ensure it goes first and doesn’t get smacked.

After you beat Drayden or Isis you’ll earn the Legend Badge, as well as TM82, Dragon Tail. This is also the last gym, so hereafter you’ll be facing the long road to the Pokémon League atop Victory Road.