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How To Choose A Bed And Breakfast

How To Choose A Bed And Breakfast

Bed and breakfast accommodation, is a pleasant and personal alternative to staying in a hotel or motel. Whereas choosing a hotel, or motel, may be easier and can be done at the drop of a hat, a bed and breakfast establishment needs more deliberation, as there are so many individual choices.

The best part about staying at a bed and breakfast, is usually the full menu of breakfast items that are served with a rosy smile; Something that hotels find hard to compete with.

Decor, is usually the best way to determine whether it is worth staying at a particular bed and breakfast or not. These days, one can easily log on to the internet and take a virtual tour of all the bed rooms and amenities available.

Usually, king and queen beds are at the top of the attraction list, followed by romantic wall hangings, thematic upholstery and stylish antique furniture. Sometimes, it is worth going out of one’s way, if one comes across a bed and breakfast establishment, that is to die for?

With my personal experience in bed and breakfasts hunting, I tend to let the accommodation dictate to me, rather than me dictate to it! Often, I have stayed up to thirty miles out of my way, just because!

Many bed and breakfast businesses are small and are usually run by a retired, husband and wife! These are the best! If you see the names of your proprietors, proudly displayed on a bed and breakfast web-site, you will be sure, to be in good hands!

Larger bed and breakfast businesses, tend to lose their personal touch, so in those cases, it is sometimes better to just stay in a hotel and go for the convenience of location and save time and a little bit of money.

There are a surprising amount of bed and breakfast establishments throughout The United States; Most of which, pride themselves on their furnishings, their location and their history.

Occasionally, I will take a short excursion for a weekend, just because I find an interesting bed and breakfast in an unusual and interesting area. First of all, I look at a map, decide approximately where I’d like to go and then I log on to From there, I can define my search by area and see what I come up with.

A few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very interesting bed and breakfast place, in Brooklyn New York. After talking to the proprietor on the phone, I found that I wanted to stay there, more than I had wanted, prior to making the call!

If I feel comfortable talking to the proprietor and they represent their business well; Then I will not hesitate with my booking. I also found that, establishing a connection with one’s future landlord or landlady, during the booking process, really peppers the arrival experience with warmth and fuzziness!