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How to Choose a can Opener

How to Choose a can Opener

Can openers are extremely useful contraptions, and many people have several of them.  They come in different types, and you will want to take different things into consideration when looking to make such a purchase.  The following are some tips for how to choose a can opener.

Electric versus manual

You will first want to decide whether you want an electric can opener or a manual can opener.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  With an electric can opener it is generally less physical work.  You just attach it, and the machine does it for you.  With a manual one, you usually need to turn some sort of knob to open it.  The obvious advantage of the electric one is that the machine does most of the work.  However, you will need to be certain that you have an electrical outlet to use for it.  Also, if you lose power it will not work.  The electric ones tend to be bigger than the manual ones.  The manual ones might be more work but they are usually smaller and will work without electricity so they are good for an emergency.  They are more portable so you can bring them with you if you go on a trip such as a camping trip.  Many people decide to purchase both an electrical and a manual can opener.

You will want to look at the different reviews of can openers before you purchase one.  There are both expert and customer reviews on a variety of websites such as and this can provide valuable information.  You can look to see how other people liked it.  Obviously, you should consider more the ones that have generally good ratings. 

You might want to see if the can opener makes a cut without sharp edges.  Some can openers have a nice feature in which the lid is not as sharp as with other can openers.

You will want to look how hard and how easy it is to attach the can to the machine.  No matter whether it is electrical or mechanical, some of them are easier to attach cans to.  Obviously, the easier, the better.

You will want to consider the warranties when buying a can opener.  Some stores and brands offer more comprehensive warranties, and this can be useful if something goes wrong after you have bought it. 

Look at the brand.  If you prefer a particular brand, this may be a good thing to consider when choosing a can opener.

If you take the above points into consideration, you will have an easier time choosing your can opener.