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How to Clean a Waffle Iron

How to Clean a Waffle Iron

An often favorite meal among many households, whether served on a Saturday morning or for a quick-fix weekday dinner, is waffles. However, after a delectable batch of blueberry or chocolate waffles has been served, the question often remains by home cooks of all levels, “How do I clean this appliance?” Keeping your waffle iron clean can be a bit tricky, but hopefully the following tips will help you in your waffle-making adventures.

1. Spray your waffle iron thoroughly with an oil-based cooking spray before each use (unless specified as a non-stick waffle iron).

Each time you pour batter on your waffle iron, make sure it is preceded with a thorough coating of cooking spray. Half the effort in cleaning up after you’ve made your waffles is keeping your waffle iron clean during the cooking process. A well-coated waffle iron will make removing your waffles from the hot plates easier and batter will be less likely to stick.

2. Wipe off the waffle iron while it is still warm (not scalding hot).

This step requires caution, so as to not burn yourself, but removing stuck batter is usually much easier when the plates are still slightly warm (again, not hot) and the batter hasn’t had a chance to set. Make sure the waffle iron is unplugged from any electrical source and use a thick, non-abrasive sponge or wash cloth to wipe off the leftover waffle residue. For tougher residue, use a scraping tool that won’t harm the hot plates, such a s a plastic spatula.

3. For tougher residue, try dousing in oil.

Can’t seem to remove all of the residue? Douse the tough spots with oil, let sit for five minutes, and then try wiping off the batter with a warm wash cloth. Still stuck? Take your warm, wet wash cloth, ring it out, and place over the grids. Close your waffle iron and wait several minutes. Retry wiping off the stuck batter.

4. If given the option, buy a waffle iron with removable, dishwasher-safe plates.

This step will make cleaning even easier as you can remove the waffle plates and place them right in your dishwasher for cleaning.

5. Clean your waffle iron after each use.

To keep your waffle iron consistently clean, make sure to follow the above steps after each use. It may be tempting to let your waffle iron go, but the longer residue sits, the dirtier and more difficult your waffle iron becomes to keep clean.

Following the above steps should help you keep your waffle iron clean for each time you decide to whip up a batch of delicious waffles.