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How to Cook Great Fluffy Rice

How to Cook Great Fluffy Rice

Rice is a favorite side dish among many people. Rice can also be cooked in a variety of ways. However, a few methods will yield better results than others. The following paragraphs will inform you about some of the different types of rice available and the method in which you can yield delicious fluffy rice.

Brown rice is one of the most nutritious rices out there, but it’s somewhat of a pain to prepare. Usually, it retains its “husk” when cooking, so the resulting texture is not what you would expect. Brown rice also has a distinct flavor, whereas white rice does not. If you want to make a side dish that is more nutritious than usual yet has a bold flavor, then brown rice is for you.

There are many different kinds of white rice, but the usual ones that you will see are categorized into three “sizes”: short, medium, and long grain. Short grain rice usually needs more water to fluff up, but you also run the risk of making the rice too wet. Medium grain rice is generally easier to cook than either short or long grain rice, but can sometimes appear closer to short grain rice. Therefore, use short grain rice when you really need it (an example would be Arborio rice) but use medium grain rice for daily needs. Lastly, long grain rice is going to yield really fluffy rice without posing the risk of staying too wet. Long grain rice is also good multi-purpose rice; many cultural dishes employ long grain rice when the main course has a gravy or soup base.

When cooking short grain rice, you have to remember that you need more water than usual. Making fluffy rice out of short grain rice is actually quite a task. You will need a little practice until you get it perfect, and even then, you have to take into consideration the environment in which the rice is being made. For long grain rice, you just have to make sure that you have enough water to cook the rice.

Whether you are making long grain or short grain rice, the following technique will produce delicious fluffy rice. First, try to use a rice cooker. Cooking rice over the stovetop is difficult and will require more patience and attention. Once you have your rice cooker, half of the battle is over. Start off by making three cups of rice. Pour the rice into the rice cooker pot and wash thoroughly. Once the water runs pretty clear, drain all of the water off (as much as possible). Make the rice evenly distributed in the pot. Stick your index finger into the middle of the rice. Note where the top of the rice meets your index finger. Then, put that same index finger on top of the rice, and add water up to the point that you noted. This technique is actually more accurate than just adding water by following the level guidelines in the rice cooker pot.

When the rice is done, don’t open the rice cooker right away. Allow the residual steam and heat to cook away most of the water and condensation that remains. This will take at least ten or fifteen minutes. Once it’s done, however, you will have fluffy rice.