How to Earn Money on Farmville

How to Earn Money on Farmville

How to earn money fast without harvesting crops!

So you’ve been working at it for days, trying to build up your coins on Facebook’s “FarmVille” to expand your farm or buy that mansion.  You finally click on that last plot and presto! – you finally have the money you need.  So, you click on the store and purchase what it is you were looking for.  Only seconds later you realize you may have acted in haste. You may have that new house, or expanded land, but there is no money left to plant, or even plow, your plots.

What do you do next?  Well I am here with a few legit tips and FarmVille tricks that can bring you in 5,000 coins in the next hour.

Start by opening two browsers.  Keep one set on your Facebook page, and put one on FarmVille.

Start with your Facebook page and run down through the stream looking for FarmVille notifications.  Click on any that will bring you in a bonus, let you hatch and egg, adopt an animal and fertilize a friend’s crop.  You’ll be amazed at how much extra you can bring in this way.  Bonuses range for 50 coins all the way to 500.  These 500 bonuses can be found on pictures bearing a blue ribbon.  Also keep you’re your gifts in the gift box for the time being.

Once you have exhausted what is there switch over to your FarmVille page leaving your Facebook page open in the second browser.  Throughout the next hour switch over to the page, refresh the page and check for any new posts.

Once you are on the FarmVille page try out these options for extra coins:

Harvest animals and plants.  Click on any animal that has a little pink arrow above it, and run your pointer along the trees to see if any are ready to be harvested.

Check out your neighbors’ farms.  Go to the buttons at the top of the playing screen and click on “Neighbors.”  At the top of the playing screen you will see a box that says that one of your neighbors needs help on their farm.  Click on it and once on the farm click the accept button to help on the farm, and then click to accept fertilizing their crops for them.  Keep returning to the Neighbors page until there are no more pop ups when you click on the page.  After that click separately on all of your neighbors that are listed at the bottom of the playing screen, some of them will let you fertilize their crops, while others will not have anything for you to do.

Ribbons and Collections.  Remember above when I told you not to remove anything from your gift box yet, well there is a reason for that.  You are awarded coins for every time you complete one of the ribbon projects, and keeping gifts in your gift box is one of them.  Search through all those projects and see if you are close enough to receiving any of those ribbons, and if there is anything you can do to put you over.  You may only need to harvest another tree, plant another seed, adopt another animal, buy another fence, fertilize another crop or put one more gift in your gift. Ribbons award you up 10,000 coins!

If you don’t want it or need it, then sell it.  We all wind up with so much stuff on our farms.  FarmVille items are given to us by our friends, or awarded to us when we complete a task.  Often times we just find a corner to place them in, not thinking twice about if the item is of any use to us. Sometimes we just struggle to get rid of it because it was a gift from a friend.  Well, now is your chance, you need the money so go ahead and click sell.

These little techniques may not seem like much, but they can add up pretty fast, you’ll be amazed how much extra money you can build up after just one hour.  So, why not give it try the next time you are looking for a little extra cash on FarmVille.