How to Earn Money Writing for Heliumcom

How to Earn Money Writing for Heliumcom

Helium is favored by most online writers over other content websites due to the fact that it offers various opportunities to earn. The site introduces a pay model that boasts a combination of upfront and residual earnings.

Lifetime Royalties

Helium writers can write in over 30,000 open titles in exchange of lifetime royalties based on page views and the site’s undisclosed algorithm computation. However, in order to qualify for daily royalties, a writer must maintain at least one rating star, equivalent to rating 10 articles during a 30-day period.

Helium’s Marketplace

Similarly, Helium has a marketplace section where Helium partners and the main site itself, post titles that offer an upfront fee for the best and most useful article. Articles that were not chosen will transition to the main site and earn a transition credit slightly lower than the purchased article’s upfront credit, except if the marketplace title is published by a Helium partner where articles will transition but will not be credited upfront.

Helium’s own titles in the marketplace are strategically positioned for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is advantageous for writers as all marketplace articles that were transitioned including the purchased article are qualified to earn lifetime royalties.

Needless to say, the upfront fees marketplace titles offer range from $0-$15 for Helium publishers and $12 to as much as $80 for Helium partners. Every once in a while, Helium posts a marketplace article for $0 but such is justified by citing that $0 marketplace articles are extremely rich in SEO and keyword optimization, offsetting the lack of upfront fee with the higher keyword rate/pay for lifetime royalties.

Once a marketplace article is accepted and has transitioned to the main site, the writer automatically grants Helium exclusive rights to the article – with exception to $0 marketplace titles.

Stock Contents

Writer can also earn $5 stock content fees once a Helium partner republishes his written article. Stock content is a great way to earn residual income from Helium. Basically, under the stock content agreement, Helium and the writer grants non exclusive rights to a third party Helium partner to republish the article.

Helium partners look for quality in searching for stock content so it’s important to observe a high degree of quality when writing a Helium article. For veteran Helium writers with large Helium portfolios, stock content and monthly royalties alone can earn them a significant amount of monthly income.

Helium’s Writing Contests

Apart from the lifetime royalties, stock contents and upfront fees offered by Helium, writers can also earn money from writing contests organized by the site. Contest prizes vary from $10-$100 and may require writing ten to 15 contest articles.

Helium also has beta websites for news writers and how-to guides. Currently, Helium’s news site offers a $3 upfront fee for every accepted news article aside from the pay-per one thousand views of $1.50. Unfortunately, how-to guide articles do not offer any upfront fee but it pays $1.50 per one thousand qualified views.

For many online writers, Helium forms a huge part of their monthly income. A dedicated Helium writer can earn as much as $50 or even $100 on any given day.