How To Find Bargains At The Wine Store

How To Find Bargains At The Wine Store

There are many ways that the average wine drinker can find great deals on wines. You don’t have to be a collector, or a wine investor to find good deals or opportunities to buy an outstanding wine without having to pay a fortune for it. People who get the best deals are those who arm themselves with all of the pertinent information so that they can take advantage of whatever bargain is to be had.

Here are some great ways to get in on some of the best bargains.


The larger the store, the more wine they can purchase. When they purchase in quantity, they get a discount, and that will get handed down to the customer. Obviously, they won’t get a huge discount, but the deals will be better than they’d be at a smaller store that can’t buy quantities.

Watch for sales at big stores. Very often, their sale prices will be far better than anything you could get at a smaller store. Ask about quantity discounts, too. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of wines that range from much more expensive elite wines to relatively unknown wines that are reasonably priced. It is a great place to shop, especially if one doesn’t want to buy a lot of wine at one time. It offers people to try wines at more affordable prices than they might find elsewhere.


Many liquor and wine stores will allow people to purchase wine by the case, and when they purchase the wine by the case, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve got to buy twelve bottles of the same thing. They will often let you choose whatever you want (so you don’t have to buy twelve bottles of the same wine,) but because you are buying a larger quantity, they will offer a discount, or a case price, as they may often call it.


Pay attention to store ads. That will let you know when things are on sale. Try to avoid buying wine just before big holidays. Avoid buying Champagne just before New Year’s Eve. Chances are, the prices will be higher before a holiday than they would be at any other time.There may be a several dollar difference in price if you buy your holiday wine far enough in advance. Right around the holidays, the prices will increase. Different stores will put things on sale at different times. You may get a good price on a wine at one store, only to discover that that store raised the price several weeks later, but some other store may have it on sale.


Don’t get stuck in a rut by thinking that the only good wines are those produced by the most well known wine producing countries or areas. If you look to up and coming countries, you can often get outstanding deals. You may able to purchase some of that country’s best wines for no more than $15 a bottle. Australian wines are excellent, and are often very reasonably priced, as are wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, Italy or even South Africa.


Avoid the most elite wines like Chateau Margeaux or Chateau Mouton Rothschild. You will wind up paying well over $100 a bottle. If you want to collect wines, keep your eyes on the sales. Sometimes a lesser quality vintage will be reduced substantially. You will wind up getting an elite wine, but a year that isn’t up to the standards of the elite collectors. Still, you’ll get an outstanding wine for a fraction of the price.


World Marketplace is a national chain that sells all sorts of products from all over the globe. They also sell wines, and make it a point of purchasing merchandise that is fairly traded. They often have very reasonable prices on decent wines. They aren’t the most elite wines, but you will get a very good wine for the money. Because they have so many stores and can buy a lot at one time, their prices are quite reasonable. What’s more, these places are ideal for someone who may just want to try something but doesn’t want to be pinned down to having to buy a huge quantity.


When you go into a specialty wine store, they will have a greater selection than other places, and because they specialize in wine and don’t have to sell other merchandise, they will probably have the best deals of all.


Big warehouse stores buy in volume and that may make it possible to get better deals. Keep your eyes peeled for potential outstanding deals because more often than not, the stores that buy in large quantity won’t have the more elite stock. Look for sale prices at warehouses, and find out whether they will give you a case discount.


Gourmet specialty stores like Whole Foods Markets or other such places raise their prices far above that of other retailers. All of their prices are considerably higher. You might find an occasion where they are trying to unload extra stock, so they mark something down. Avoid small neighborhood places or places that sell prepared food. They have a higher overhead and to pay for that, they need to increase their prices.

Whenever possible, put yourself on a store’s mailing list or become a preferred shopper. By putting yourself on the mailing list, you will receive advance notices regarding sales. by becoming a preferred shopper, you may get discounts that aren’t available to regular customers. You may also be able to shop sales before they are open to the general public.

For anyone who is looking to find great deals on wine, be prepared to look around, take the time to check out various places and get a feel for who has what and what the prices are. Once you buy wine at a wine store, register with them so that you’ll be notified of future sales. Sometimes they will have special offerings for regular customers. Shopping for deals can be a fun and educational experience.

There are many places all over the world that one wouldn’t think of as great wine producing countries. It may be that in the past, these countries weren’t big wine producers. Technologies, and advances in agriculture practice have made it possible for places with the appropriate climates for growing grapes to produce some excellent wines. As long as the wines aren’t extremely expensive, it may be worth one’s while to buy an interesting sounding new wine just to experience the taste.