How To Find Emerging Wine Countries

How To Find Emerging Wine Countries

The newest players taking to the business of wine making by storm could just surprise you. The wine business is not slowing down in spite of late year’s hard-hitting economic fiasco.  New winery is bypassing the economic woes by teaming up with partnerships that can secure a great future. One such winery is the newly launched winery known as Siam Winery. The Siam Winery launched a wine originating from California called “Peter Vella Wines” with a Thai company in 2008.

This winery has been specifically produced for a Thai market in Thailand. The collaboration is a first of its kind between the wine giants E & J. Gallo of California and the foreign winery Siam Winery in Thailand. Both companies entered the winery business with a long history of excellent business know-how and practice. The new winery brand is set to provide a unique wine more suitable to Thai cuisine. The taste is expected to be more refined than the usual classic red or white wines available on the market.

Another new comer to the winery business is an Indian company called Karnataka.  Launched in 2009, Karnataka about shortly after the government of Karnataka introduced changes to the existing wine policy. It was from there that the plan to take the plunge into the world of wine making Karnataka style was hatched. The new winery production is called Manadala Winery and is based in Bangalore. The winery company had originally joined forces with the York Winery in Nashik in agreements signed back in 2007.

While the particulars of that initial deal left a few loose ends, the aim of producing in mass volume remained unchanged over the years. To date the Mandala Valley winery produces as many as 10,000 cases of wine annually. Increasing production of the wine by 50% is a shared goal which they are expected to reach at the rate of their advancement and continued growth of their products popularity.

In April 2009, Artisan Cellars also announced their launch a new winery in Singapore. The launch came as a wonderful addition to the already success line of wines and champagnes produced by the esteemed winery. The international climate appeared to be perfect on so many levels for the launch of this Asian wine venture. Singapore is a vibrant location for wine making. The Singaporean society of wine lovers was the right consumer to target such a product. Singaporeans are becoming more and more renowned also a nation of wine aficionados.