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How To Find The Best Deals In Travel

How To Find The Best Deals In Travel

With airlines adding all sorts of surcharges, the dollar becoming a yo-yo overseas and the weak economy; what is an avid traveler to do for vacation?

Don’t stay home as there are many great ways to save and still plan a great trip. You can save big when you make arrangements the last minute. It is the next best thing to booking a year ahead.

Last minute specials come up when the suppliers of the airline, hotel and cruise industries still have not sold to near capacity. They begin to panic, as it gets closer to a specific time frame and the prices begin to drop on their product. As we have all learned in Business 101, it is better to be occupied at a discount price than be empty with no chance of income generating.

You can head to a travel agent, as travel agents do receive the latest last minute specials each day. Stop in one in and advise them to contact you directly if something comes up that would peak your interest. This is a no fuss way as the agent will book and secure tickets and vouchers for a small fee.

Package deals use to only be available from travel agents, but today you can purchase them yourself as many suppliers such as airlines, hotel chains and tour operators now sell directly to the consumer. More and more people are utilizing the Internet for travel including last minute deals. You have the best travel tools available sitting right in front of you at your disposal.

Before you start typing in Google search; looking through websites day after day can be a tedious process and perhaps discourage you. Instead subscribe to e-mail lists that will inform you of the best deals on a daily or weekly basis. The more e-mail lists you belong to, the more deals you’ll see.

A few of personal favorites that are use when seeking a holiday include:

– Travel Agency Offering Last Minute Deals On-Line:

American Express Last Minute
This is your travel agent on line. American Express Travel probably has the longevity of any agency and tour company by creating the best package tours in the industry and now has gone one step further now with last minute specials.

– Quick and Easy Sites to Locate Last Minute Deals:

Last Minute Travel Deals
Cheap Tickets
One Travel
Some sites offer promotions that they advertise as “last minute,” and the prices do not appear bad, but they’re just not true last-minute deals. Monitor the site for a few weeks and if the same deal shows up, you know it isn’t a last minute special.

– Auction Sites:

Auction sites allow you create a trip around a set budget in mind. It operates on a bidding structure that allows you to name your ideal price. The problem is you must know pricing of what you are bidding on as you can run the risk of overpaying.

– Cruises:

The Cruise Planner
There are many discount cruise brokers on line but this is one of the best in the industry for personalize service, pricing and not just cruises.

– Sign Up Newsletters:

Travel Zoo
Famous for its Top Twenty Deals of the Week, you will be sure to find something that appeal to you. And if you weren’t even planning their specials will be sure to entice you.

– Regional Airlines:

Many forget that the regional airlines servicing your local airport may offer exceptional deals also. Since they may not show up on major travel sites, sign up on their website; you will be assured to know the deals directly out of your local area.

– Other Tips:

Use any resource you come across, but label them as a favorite in your browser for last minute deals for future trips.

Be flexible in your search. Destinations may be close enough to choose a lower priced special. If you have your heart set on visiting Amsterdam and the package offered is exception by for Brussels, take it because Amsterdam is a train ride away and you have the opportunity to enjoy two destinations.

People tend to travel on weekends and holidays. Go off-peak instead by traveling mid-week. You’ll save, as airlines, hotels and car rental companies suffer from decreased demand at those times. It may also pay to take an early morning flight for the same reason.