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How to get the Black off a Burned Pot

How to get the Black off a Burned Pot

Burning a pot whilst being distracted or not paying attention in the kitchen happens to us all from time to time. Sometimes the pot looks so black with bits of carbon attached to it one might think the pot is only worthy of throwing away. Please wait. All pots can be cleaned and look as good as new with a bit of effort and there are several ways of restoring a charred pot to new. Stainless steel pots are easier to clean than aluminium but all pots can be restored to new.

The first thing to do is fill the pot up with boiling water and leave to stand overnight. Soaking will remove a lot of the burnt debris from the pot without too much effort. The black will remain though and needs special attention. If the pot isn’t too badly charred try pouring some thick bleach into the pot and topping up with warm water and leaving for another hour. Then with a sponge backed scourer the remainder of the black can be polished off without too much difficulty.

On badly blackened utensils try using a metal scourer to clean the pot. A metal scourer is basically fine metal strips or wire all bunched up into a ball. As you scour with the metal ball it tears at the black carbon and slowly removes it. Metal scourers are best used with hot water and detergent. A brisk rubbing action around and around the pot will soon bring back the shine. Remember to clean the bottom of the pot as that too might be quite black where it has been under intense heat.

There is always a blackened pot that refuses to be cleaned with all normal attempts and requires drastic measures. With aluminium and stainless steel pots it is possible in a’ last case scenario’ to clean it with sulphuric acid. Do be careful sulphuric acid can be dangerous. Clean the pot when there are no children around and do wear gloves and avoid peering into the pot as you might scald your face with acid splashes.

Place tablespoon of sulphuric acid crystals into the bottom of the pot. Pour hot water into the pot remembering to keep your face well clear. Wear gloves and cover your arms to prevent unnecessary burns. Leave overnight and pour away in the morning. Any remaining residue can be cleaned away in the normal manner.