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How to get your Barbeque Ready for the Spring

How to get your Barbeque Ready for the Spring

Spring and summer bring flowers and cookouts. Whether you have a charcoal grill, or propane, now is the time to get them out, clean them, and make sure that they are working properly.

Too often, during the busy summer months, we fail to thoroughly clean the grates after a cookout. And, we sometimes put them away in the same condition. Even if they were cleaned, however, they will need a freshening up.

With either grill, the cooking grates are vital. It’s time to get them out and give them a good scrubbing. Use a grill brush, some soap and water, and clean off any leftover grease and grime from the last fall cookout.

With a conventional charcoal grill, dump out the sand in the bottom of the grill, clean the inside, until it is free of burned on food, old charcoal, and greasy film. Put new sand in the bottom for the coals to rest on.

While you’re at it, check out the hood on the grill. The inside of the hood takes a lot of abuse from splattering grease. This can actually catch fire if left untended for a period of time. This may also take a commercial degreaser, especially made for grills.

Take a close look at the outside of the grill, making sure that everything is secure. Check the nuts and bolts that are holding the grill together, and make sure wheels are well attached and running smoothly.

Propane grills should be checked out thoroughly for defective lines and connections to the tank. Any crack or weak spot in any of the lines should be corrected immediately. These can cause fires. Check and make sure that all of the lines are securely in place.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your grill. There are special cleaners to clean the interior of the grill, and the rocks, however, usually a solution of mild soap and water will do the job. Carefully remove all of these, clean, and return them to the grill. Make sure the gas jets are clean, but be careful to return the burner to it’s proper position.

As with the charcoal grill, maintenance cleaning of the grill itself, the hood, and even the side tables is a good idea before starting the new season. Wipe everything off with a mild solution of soap and water.

The propane tank itself should be inspected for any damage. If there is any doubt, it should be replaced.

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