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How To Keep Kids Occupied During A Road Trip

How To Keep Kids Occupied During A Road Trip

Keeping children occupied during a road trip is never fun. They are often cranky and get bored easily. The constant asking of are  we there yet and sibling spats can ruin even the best parents nerves. However, there are many little tricks to making the children happy while not being distracted by the children. This is important to do because if the parent becomes distracted, they can lose control of the car and wreck.

Parents can buy children’s books on tape. This can be beneficial because this can keep children amused for hours. Having a sing along with their favorite kids tape is another option. If both kids are old enough for their own music players, this is another option. Walkman or I pods allow children to listen to their favorite music or books on tape without arguing over who gets to choose.

Buying a travel table with a bean bag cushion underneath is another great option. This way kids can draw or color and they can put together puzzles. They can also play tic-tac-toe together or hangman. This also gives the option of playing card games or writing stories in their journal.

If there is only one child or if the parent can be hopeful for equal sharing, the parent can bring a laptop to allow the children to play games. However, there is as strong chance that the children especially under the age of ten will argue and fight when they don’t want to share the laptop This can be difficult for most parents who are focused on driving and don’t want to deal with displacing their children too.

Parents can allow them to bring their own Game boy or Nintendo DS. This can bring a lot of fun and education to the trip. Having the children finish their homework or study an also be beneficial. It can be difficult to get the kids to corporate with their homework. However, offering the incentive of less homework means more time to have fun when they get there may incentive most children.

Parents should also pack snacks and some drinks. However, the parents should always have planned bathroom and unplanned bathroom breaks in mind. Children can not hold their bladder as well as most adults. Some cars are equipped with DVD players and TVs in the car. If the parent’s car does have the features, then they should pack DVDs so that the children can watch movies.