How to Make Money on Runescape Runescape Smithing Runescape how to be Wealthy on Runescape

How to Make Money on Runescape Runescape Smithing Runescape how to be Wealthy on Runescape

Are you one of those Runescape players who has a hard time making even 1,000 gp (1k)? This is the guide for you, it may take a bit of dedication, but as a player it is definitely worth it. This is for F2P. You can do this from level 3.
The easiest way to make money is training a skill. The most commonly used skills for this are Smithing, Mining, Wood Cutting, and Fishing.
Generally, you have to chose one of these skills and stick with it to start making the Gp… but anyone could have told you that. I will outline, to give you an idea, how to start using a skill to make money. When I want to make money, I mine/smith. I will tell you what I do.

The first thing to do is to start raising it. Allot of players use a technique called “power mining” to raise their levels. Generally, people power mine Iron… but that’s a bit ahead of us. I do not recommend power mining because the amount of time it takes to drop an inventory(28 ores) of an ore is about thirty seconds. That time is also about how long it takes to bank it! Why not bank it and start making profits at the start? When I first started mining, I stayed in the Fallador area. This is the most versatile mining area for free players. If you go up from the left bank in Fallador to near Rimmington and the area where the elemental wizards are, you will find a nice convenient mine. This mine has a nice amount of both copper and tin, one of each ore will make us a bronze bar. A good early goal would be to bank an equal amount of each until your mining is about level fifteen. You should have quite a bit of each; once your mining hits fifteen smith all of your ores into bronze bars. Now, I recommend to not make the bars into any peice of equipment until you can make the platebody (This goes for every kind of bar). You don’t have to do this, but it will give you the most money and smithing XP. With that in mind, you can continue mining Copper and Tin and smithing them into bronze bars until you can smith all the bars you have into bronze platebodys. Once you have done this, sell all your platebodys to the speciality shop or the geneal store. I do not recommend selling them all at once because the more stock the store gets the less your platebody is worth. You may even want to switch worlds to sell and make a profit. As your levels increase, be sure to buy the appropriate pickaxe.

At this point, you should have your mining at fifteen where you can mine iron. Iron is a very important ore, it gives the fastest XP and sells for about 120 GP each. Your going to want to mine enough iron and smith enough iron bars until you can mine coal and you can smith iron plaebodys respectively. (The problem with Iron, be warned, is there is a fifty percent forge rate. Only half the ores you use will become bars, the other half are “impure”. I suggest you mine twice as much iron than you need, for future endeavors).
Do you see the pattern? Each time you graduate an ore, your profits will increase.
After that step, you can mine coal. Now coal is the heart and soul of mining and smithing. Every single higher level bar, beside gold, uses coal. For steel, you need two coal and one iron. Mithril, four coal and one mithril. See that pattern? Coal is very very important, and it takes forever to mine. You may notice that there is no coal in our spot, the place to mine coal is the Dwarven Mine which the opposite direction from the bank our spot is. You should see a house with an exclamation mark point that leads to a staircase. Be warned, there are aggressive scorpions that will cause problems, you may want to train to avoid there attack.

Some people who focus on the smithing buy raw materials, you can do that too if you want to take that route. Conversely, others mine raw materials and sell them without smithing them. For this guide we are going to mine our own raw materials.

Your going to want a two to one coal iron ratio. You should mine enough coal and iron to get you to level fifty-five mining where you can mine mithril. That’s a long way away, yes. The only other ore offered in those levels is gold, which is a crafting bar…not a smithing one. The best way to do this is mine one inventory of Iron and then two inventories of coal. This should keep your ration intact without you getting too confused. Once you hit level fifty-five, smith all of your ores into steel bars.
You get the idea :). Continue on with the pattern until you get to Rune. You will make ALLOT of money.
I hope this helps.