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How To Overcome A Fear Of Roller Coasters

How To Overcome A Fear Of Roller Coasters

                When training yourself or a friend to like roller coasters, you need to make sure that you move slowly. This article should help teach you how to convince a friend to like roller coasters. Since Six Flags Great Adventure is my home park, and I’ve used it to get people to like roller coasters, I will use it as an example.

                When bringing yourself or your friend to the park, make sure to tell them you will not force them to go on anything. Tell them that it only lasts around 2 minutes on average, and that if they don’t like it, they simply do not have to go on it again. It also helps to mention that if the ride were unsafe, it would not be open, so nothing horrible can happen to them.

                Start off with the kiddie rides, no matter how old the person is. At Great Adventure, the smallest coaster is “Road Runner Express”. Start them on this. These kiddie coasters (that tend to be smaller than 20 feet tall) are sometimes jerky, so make sure your friend knows not all roller coasters are this rough. If your friend (or you) likes this, then it’s time to move on. The next biggest coaster at Great Adventure is Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train, which is slightly larger than Road Runner. If they like this, move on to the bigger roller coasters.

                Tell your friend or make sure you know that screaming does help on roller coasters. The fact is, when people get scared, they sometimes faint, but screaming gets the blood flowing and can help you stay conscious. Also, start out with roller coasters that have over-the-shoulder restraints. These are the kind that, like the name suggests, go over your shoulders. First-time riders will feel safer in these than in rides with just lap bars. Also, save the wooden roller coasters, which tend to be more out of control, for after you or your friend has begun to like wooden roller coasters. A tip is, if the wooden roller coaster is painted white, it will likely be not too extreme, whereas if it is not painted at all, it will likely be more out of control. Why? Well, wooden roller coaster makers stopped painting wooden coasters white around the late 70’s, which was before roller coasters were too extreme.

                Good roller coasters for starters are Wild Mouses (when referring to the coaster “Wild Mouse”, one does not say “Wild Mice” in plural), any coaster that’s car is themed as a train, and just about any coaster that is smaller than 50 feet. Though this might be obvious, save the launched coasters until they you or your friend is ready. Some launched coasters like Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm do not launch very fast, and these are good to start on.

                Above all, make sure you or your friend knows that roller coasters are built to be fun, and make people happy. An interesting fact you or your friend might be interested to know is that you are more likely to die from part of an airplane falling on you than on a roller coaster. Tell your friend that if they really don’t like it, they don’t have to go on any more until they’re ready, and remember that there are tons of other rides in most amusement parks.