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How To Plan A Cheap Vacation

How To Plan A Cheap Vacation

No matter what the financial situation, everyone deserves a vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  For some people, a vacation means going on an excursion to another country for a week or more with unlimited funds, and although the thought of having unlimited funds sounds great, those people who are able to do so are the minority.  In being more realistic, for most people, a vacation may be something a little more low-key by simply travelling just a few hours away from home for a few days.  Just because a vacation doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean that it still can’t be a great one and as equally enjoyable as a vacation with an unlimited budget.  However, when looking to plan a cheap and affordable vacation, it is best to do some advanced planning and research to get the most out of the vacation, here are a few tips to stretch those vacation dollars.

Have flexibility

Most travel websites have different deals going on everyday that can sometimes leave a vacationer saving hundreds of dollars off of a vacation package.  The catch however, is that the dates for the discounts are usually only available during certain days.  This usually means during the week or during the locations off season.  By having a flexible vacation schedule, it is possible to spend just a portion of what that same vacation would cost on a regular basis.

Drive instead of Fly

Although it may be a little quicker and more convenient to fly to a vacation destination instead of driving, those extra hours in a car can save hundreds of dollars.  As the price of oil continues to rise, it has caused a trickle-down effect which has raised the price of most items, including gas.  So, with rising gas prices, airlines have since begun to raise their prices, as well as charge additional fees for things such as baggage and onboard meals.  When all of these fees are added, an airline ticket that once was a little over a hundred dollars can easily be doubled. 

As an alternative, people looking for an affordable vacation may opt to drive instead of fly.  Granted, the trip may take a little longer, but, the savings will be immense, since there aren’t any additional charges to worry about.

Avoid Overpriced Restaurants

One of the easiest things to do on vacation is to eat at a local restaurant.  But a $10 meal here and a $20 meal there can add up quickly.  So, when making vacation reservations, consider booking a suite that comes with a kitchenette.  That way, instead of spending $30 or $40 a person on meals a day, consider hitting up the grocery store, where a week’s worth of meals can be purchased for a fraction of the price.    

Consider an All-Inclusive Vacation Package

With an all-inclusive vacation package, vacationers will not only have their stay at an all-inclusive resort paid for, but airfare and hotel transfers as well.  The benefit of this type of vacation is that all of the major vacation expenses including meals, drinks, activities, and transportation are already paid for. 

Some all-inclusive vacation packages can be very expensive, often in the thousands, but, websites like Cheap Caribbean, BookIt, and the All Inclusive Outlet often advertise packages for extremely low prices.  So, when booking through one of these sites, an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico for 3-nights can easily run as little as $299. 

Taking a vacation can lead to so many wonderful memories, and no matter how small a budget may be, it is very possible to afford a cheap and affordable vacation with proper planning.